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Event planning 2016 Clubs socs

No description

Lauren Kirk

on 10 April 2018

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Transcript of Event planning 2016 Clubs socs

Event planning 2018
What’s the main purpose of your event?

Socialising / networking opportunity

The Point of Today

Explore the type of events that you can organise

Develop understanding of how to plan an event

Understand resources required

Find out about the support available

Get some ideas going!

Recruitment & Give It A Go
Ticketed Events

Celebrating achievement


Raising awareness of the club

Recruiting new members
Atrium presence events - stalls with games etc
Pub Quizzes, acoustic nights in the Union
Sponsored challenges/events
Bag packing etc etc etc
Have we missed any?
Book space in the
by filling out the 'In The Union' booking form on the website.

Book a stall in the
by using the 'Room Booking Form' on the website.

Taster sessions
Social aspect
Welcoming and accessible
Not intimidating or cliquey
Mix returning members with new members
Get a feeling of what the club is about
Low cost or free to attract new members
Collect feedback at the end of event

What you’ll need:
Submit Event & Trip Planner form
Non Members can attend but cannot
be subsidised by the club
Ensure all participants pay a deposit
before booking
Book transport/accommodation well
in advance (min. 2 working weeks)
Book everything through the Union!

Every form you need can be found on the website here

Recruitment & Give it a Go
Award Nights
Outdoor activities
Film Nights
Pub Quizzes & Club Nights
Film Nights
N.B. License is needed unless an educational value
can be proven or links to academic modules are
evidenced. DO NOT publicise event until approval
is granted (can take 3-5 days).

You can contact the
What you’ll need:
Submit request via email to the Union
Publicise event to members
Book venue
(using room booking form - min 72 hours notice)
What you’ll need:
Submit Event Planner form, including event budget to
the Union.
Source venue, entertainment, publicity and tickets.
Book everything through the Union
Budget based on cost and estimated attendance, decide
ticket price and calculate break even figure (how many
tickets do you need to sell not to make a loss?)
Timeline - how long are tickets on sale for, when do deposits
need to be paid, when to publicise?
N.B. take into account VAT at 20% when selling tickets as
this will come off ticket income.

Examples: SUDS plays, AirTV Oscars, International Ceilidhs, Balls etc
What are your resources?
Forms - get everything online
Budget - make a budget
Time - create a time line
People - who can you count on?
Skills - what do they bring to the table?
Facilities - access to free facilities?
Support - who can help?

Student Activities & Volunteer Coordinator
Elaine Shepherd elaine.shepherd@stir.ac.uk

VP Communities communities.union@stir.ac.uk

Communications, Marketing & Events Coordinator
Lauren Kirk lauren.kirk1@stir.ac.uk

Union Secretary/I'm not sure who to email
Wendy Forbes theunion@stir.ac.uk
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