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"Through Others' Eyes"

No description

Edward Chabarria Jr.

on 6 March 2016

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Transcript of "Through Others' Eyes"

Marketing Spring '16
-Bo Sutton's death
-Creation of the foundation
-Rod Young & Desert Plains Media
-Disagreement with advertisment
-Greta realizes she was not seeing
things through eyes of audience.
Bo Sutton Foundation
Focuses on promoting Healthy Habits, behaviors, & lifestyles to teenage population.
Location: Corinth (pop: 217,377)
West South Central region of U.S.
Characters: Greta Sutton, Mother/Founder of Bo Sutton Foundation.
Case Study
"Through Others' Eyes"
Edward Chabarria
Misti Martin
Alma Gonzales
Neha Patel
Lauren Tolsen
Greta clearly was upset with the initial series of advertisements created by Desert Plains Media. Although Greta turned all aspects of creativity over to Rod and his advertising agency, so you believe that Rod should have kept Greta informed of decisions that were made throughout the process to ensure satisfaction? Who was ultimately to blame for the miscommunication and misunderstanding between client and agency?
Greta immediately vetoed the initial campaign produced by Desert Plains Media, yet she had no experience in the area of marketing communications. Given this, do you believe Greta should have trusted those with expertise in the area, at least giving the campaign a chance to work, before changing all of its creative elements? Why or Why not?
In this case, Greta makes the fatal error of designing a promotional campaign that suited her tastes and preferences rather than those of her foundation's target audience. Unfortunately, such a mistake is not very common, as, even though executives typically know better, they are drawn into the trap of seeing things through their own eyes, rather than the eyes of others. Why do you believe that this error occurs?
In an effort to avoid falling into the trap, as did Greta, of viewing promotional campaigns through one's own eyes, what mechanisms might you put into place to remind yourself to look through the eyes of target audiences when designing promotional campaigns?
Assume that you have an understanding that you should look through the eyes of target audiences when designing promotional campaigns. How would you go about actually gaining insights from designing target audiences regarding given creative ideas and advertising messages?
The Story
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