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MNO 3301

Case Study 1 - Presentation

Apurva Parthasarathi

on 3 April 2011

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Transcript of MNO 3301

Case 1
Managing motivation
in a difficult Economy Background & problems - Morgan Moe's drug stores
- Decline in economy
- Shifting focus from high-margin to low-margin accommodities
- Lack of advance notice or severance payments for departing employees
- Aging workforce
Suggested actions 5 options for the management system
Program 1 : Continue with status quo

Program 2: Share employees' absence and sick leave

Program 3: Program 2 + sharing of sales and inventory tracking

Program 4: Shares all info + provide feedback + brainstorming

Program 5: Program 4 - brainstorming Analysis 5 programs as variables
Independent : Presumed cause of some change in a dependent variable

- Individual level
Age – older population
Ability levels – highly able for the job
Values and attitudes – more grounded and mature

- Organization system level
Human resource policies: less informative -> developing policies to provide more information to employees
Organization culture: recruit older people -> more mature setting

Dependent variable : key factor that one wants to explain or predict and that is affected by some other factor

Dependent variable:
Turnover – the involuntary or voluntary permanent withdrawal from an organization
Should absenteeism also be there?
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