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The hunger Games Literary elements.

describing the different elements of the story

Kelsey Dederick

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of The hunger Games Literary elements.

didactic Irony When Katniss is about to enter the arena and she has flashbacks of all her family members and friends because she might not make it out. Flashback The Hunger Games mostly revolves around them trying to survive and make it back to their districts with their families. The setting is the arena; the arena is basically a woods surrounding a river. Setting At the end of the book while in the games Katniss and Peeta are the final two people left, they pretend to eat the poison berries so they can both make it out of the arena. They make people think that they have to enter their names into the reeping. Another example is Haymitch giving katniss and peeta advice on what to do in the hunger games because he had experience. Theme When Katniss and Rue decide to take the items from the other players campsite, and Rue runs into Marvel's trap and a spear that hit Rue right in her abdomen kills her. Since then everyone whistles the Mokingjay. Talking with Ceaser before entering the arena Practicing techniques before seeing the judges Racing to find a safe zone Effie announcing the tributes
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