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M&S: Sustainable Leadership

A Prezi analysis documenting the Sustainable Leadership within Marks and Spencer

Grant MacGregor

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of M&S: Sustainable Leadership

Grant MacGregor
Clare Donnellan
Yasir Raja
Wade Chen
Sustainable Leadership:
CSR & Six Levels of Strategic Focus
- Clare
Future of Sustainability
- Yasir
- Clare and open for debate
- Grant
Triple Bottom Line Analysis
- Wade
Plan A within M&S
- Yasir
- Grant
Sustainability of Industry Rivals
Outline of Discussion
What is Sustainability/Leadership?
Bolt-on or Embedded?
(Also known as Sustainable Development)
Sustainable development is that which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
Developed within a 1987 report known as the 'Brundtland Report'

Published by World Commission on Environmental Development
Sustainable Leadership
The complex interdependency between individuals, business, markets and society and the eco-system, with the aspiration that the organisation creates prosperity and social value as well as long term commercial success, while protecting the environment in which we are all participants
Sustainability and Leadership
Is sustainability integrated into the DNA of Marks & Spencer yet?
Bolt-on or Embedded?
References/Tree of Knowledge:
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Marks and Spencer: Case Study
Sustainability of Industry Rivals
Rival: Food
The Marine Conservation Society Ranking 2013:
Rival: Cosmetics
Rival: Clothing
Previous Years
2015 -
Are they on course?
Industry leaders for sustainability
What has been achieved?
M&S wins Most Sustainable High St Retailer from British Fashion Council
Aims and Objectives
Established 'Plan A'
Previous Years
2015 -
Are they on course?
What has been achieved?
Snatched M&S's Garry Gordon to become 'Head of Sourcing and Sustainability'
Aims and Objectives
Profitable and Sustainable
Timeline of Sustainability:
(2012 - )
Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children
(Clothes Recycling)
Promoted Krishan Hundal (Head of Food Technology) to become member of 'Plan A' implementation team
(2007 - 2009)
Green factories and Living Wage Pilots
(2013 - )
Established "Shwopping"
(2012 -)
Continually progression and focus on internal promotion
"138/180 Objectives Achieved"
Lack of Sustainable Leadership
(2012 - )
A change of methods was required
Yearly 'Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability' Report published
Forced via Retail industry leaders (M&S)
Sustainability Policy: Project Green
Plan A within M&S
Triple Bottom Line Analysis
Corporate Responsibility & Strategic Focus
Future of Sustainability
Is sustainability still an added extra to the overall package?
An initiative towards sustainable development
Business Context
Laszlo's Six Levels of Strategic Focus, within:
Plan A was born
The Original Five
Fair trade & Shwopping
Plan A:
Marks & Spencer’s extension of its Plan A sustainability commitments is set to save the company millions of pounds - but has had major implications for its supply chain.
Universal sustainable development
Educate people
Government intervention
5 Pillars
Natural Resources
Fair Partnership
Health & Well Being
How we do business?
Involving Customers
M&S does not yet have a fully embedded sustainable strategy, however their strong sustainable objectives and goals are leading them towards becoming fully sustainable by the year 2020
M&S are still implementing many sustainable objectives and this can be argued that the first stages of implementation is a bolt on strategy
Embedded vs Bolt-On
Leadership and CSR of:
(Carroll, 1979)
M&S Incorporates the three dimensions of People, Planet and Profit into their strategy.
Strong Values:
Reducing waste by charging 5p per plastic bag
A profit for an organisation to be successful
Treating staff well
Good supplier relations
Customer care
(Elkington, 2009)
Ranked #1 in carbon clear FTSE 100 performance list
First major UK retailer to be certified to the ISO 50001 global energy management standard
M&S reported group profits (after tax) of over £565 million
(M&S, 2013)
However we think there is always room to improve!
(Edge Equilibrium, 2012)
"The brainchild" of Sir Stuart Rose (2007)
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