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The LearnBook

No description

Timothy King

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of The LearnBook

The LearnBook
Target size:
a 3 ring binder
Bags are designed to carry them, they offer a large enough size to allow for a modular design with swappable components and multifunctonality
A bit bigger than an ipad, a lot smaller than a textbook...
Modular Laptop/tablets are the next big thing...






Learnbook specs
modular, plug & play components,
6 hour battery life, within binder dimensions,
weighs less than one text book.
15" 4x3 screen = 30x20cms... fits a binder nicely
Swappable, replaceable, upgradeable, customizable...
Homemade Linux laptop...
rugged plastic case... why plastic?
you can print broken parts!
$100 per child laptop,
we're looking for a bit more functionality, but $200 would do it
An opensource hardware project that offers a modular, optionally sourced platform for learning a variety of software and hardware
Learnbook specs:
approx $200 pricetag
screen options: 11-15in touchscreen
solid state drive, easily swappable
2 usb ports
transformable between tablet/laptop mode
detachable/swivel keyboard
6 hour battery life
ruggedized, tough
easily swappable/upgradeable components
x86/x64 capable, will run Linux, Windows, OSx, will run any software for these environments
transformable & works with EVERYTHING!!!
works as a tablet (media consumption)
media creator (camera & microphone built in)
transforms into a writing tool (keyboard)
nonlinear input (touchscreen, stylus)
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