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Exploring the Interracial Dating Scene at Boston College

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Wendy Zhang

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Exploring the Interracial Dating Scene at Boston College

Exploring the Interracial Dating Scene at Boston College

Wendy Zhang
Journey to Racial Justice Advocacy
Action Project
April 11, 2014

What do you think of the interracial relationshps you have seen on campus?
"I view them with more respect because they are less common." -Asian
"Couples in general stand out to me. Interracial ones don't stand out more than any other." -White
"Sometimes a black and white one will stand out to me, but Asian and white won't." -White
"There's a lot of self-segregation here so it's weird in general to see interracial friendships even." -Asian
When I say interracial relationship, what comes to mind?
"I think of the extreme- in terms of black and white." -Asian
"I think of a white person with a person of color, probably because I'm white." -White
"I don't think twice about an Asian girl with a White male couple. I also know people who consider Asians white. -White

What do you think of the dating scene on campus?
"Close to non-existent."
"There's a huge hook-up culture at BC, just like every other school. The relationships are fake."
*Laughter* "Dating scene? What dating scene?"
"You see the the same couples all the time because there's so few of them. They definitely stand out."
"Relationships are not welcome here."

Action: Focus Group Interviews
Conducted two different focus group interviews.
Pre-survey, followed by a 45 minute informal interview.
Group 1: 5 males
Race breakdown: 1 white (Massachusetts), 1 Hispanic (California), 3 Asians (Massachusetts, California, Maryland)
Group 2: 7 females
Race breakdown: 6 white (2 Massachusetts, 1 New York, 1 Minnesota, 1 Maryland, 1 Vermont , 1 Asian (New York)

Purpose of Action Project
Dig deeper into the topic of interracial relationships and what it means to the millenials era.
What is an interracial relationship?
When two people of different races are in a committed relationship.
Ex: An Asian and a Hispanic
Personal Reflections/Conclusions
Color blind racism
-Little interracial interactions
-Society and history shapes what is beautiful
Interracial couples stand out to me

What are your experiences with interracial relationships?
"To me, it hasn't really mattered- their race. What matters to me the most is their personality." -Hispanic
"A lot of it is the environment and who you surround yourself with. My school was 95% white, so I haven't had much experience dating interracially." -White
"I would be open to it because it's based off the person, not the race." -White
"I have my own type and my type happens to be white." I have not found people with darker skin to be as attractive. -White
Upbringing – family is the most important factor. -All
Trying something new -White
“I know girls who say white guys aren’t enough for me... they’re weak.” -White

“Personal preference." -White
“It’s not personal preference - in the end, it’s cause society deemed X traits are unattractive. Society shapes what traits are attractive and Who is to say that one race is more attractive than another? If Asians took over America, who would be deemed attractive?”

Why would or wouldn't someone want to date outside of his or her race?
What do you think of terms such as jungle fever and Asian fetish?
"I've heard of both, but when I think of Asian fetish, I think of a male having an Asian fetish, and when I think of jungle fever, I think of a girl having jungle fever."
"I will see a black guy and wonder or worry about if he's into white girls."
"A lot of it is biological and not racial. Asian males tend to have more feminine feautures and black females tend to have more masculine features."
"Pretty white girls - there's so many of them to the point they're not even pretty, but if I see a pretty black girl, I will take notice."
"I actually think black women are more beautiful. They, at least at our age, are less likely to have skin imperfections. If I see an extraordinary black woman, I'll note it more than a white woman."
"Africans were oppressed... why would you be viewed as beautiful if you were degraded?"
Is Beauty Really In the Eyes of the Beholder?
The Guys
The Girls
White - 4.4
Black - 3.2
Hispanic -3.6
Asian - 4
Other - 3.6
White - 5
Black - 4.71
Hispanic -4.71
Asian - 4.86
Other - 4.86
3 out of 5 of the guys have been in an interracial relationship.
6 out of 7 of the girls have hooked up with at least one person out of their race, but none of them have ever been in an interracial relationship.
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