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Copy of Copy of Back to School Night

Back to school night 2013-2014

Doreen Gantz

on 11 September 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Back to School Night

to Sandman's
Back to School

Standards have changed and we are transitioning into them
Help develop critical thinkers
Emphasis quality vs. quanity (depth vs. breadth)
Emphasis on collaboration between students
First and Second Quarters
Tuesday- Gym
Wednesday- Computers
Homework Policy
Be Safe
Be Responsible
Be Respectful
Common Core Shift
Your child will receive homework Monday through Thursday nights. He/she should spend about one hour per night on homework. I typically assign a reading log, notebook writing, and math. The assignments are turned in each morning for grading. If the homework is incomplete, then your child will stay in during recess to make up the work.

Homework is posted in the classroom and on my school web page on a daily basis.

Contact Information
Thank You For Coming!!!!
Mrs. Doreen Gantz
Sixth Grade Curriculum
Our science curriculum consists of life science, physical science, and earth science.
The scientific process will be applied to all the sciences.
Social Studies
Our social studies curriculum consists of the study of early mankind, ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt/Kush, India, China and the ancient Hebrews/ beginning of Christianity.
The students will also study WWII and the Holocaust.
Let me tell you a little about myself...
-I am from Phila., PA

I moved to Cape May in 2006
-Bachelor's Degree in
Elem. Early Childhood Ed. and
Master's Degree in The Art of Teaching
-Taught in Phila., PA for 13 years
-This is my 12th year in Sandman

Homework, classwork, and class participation = 2/3 of grade
Tests and quizzes = 1/3 of grade

Daily Schedule

7:50-8:00 Breakfast/ Morning Work
8:05-9:30 Language Arts
9:35-10:15 Special
10:20-10:40 Health/Social Skills
10:40-11:00 SSR
11:00-12:00 Math
12:00-12:30 Lunch
12:30-1:00 Word Work/Library
1:05-1:45 Science/Social Studies
1:50 Dismissal

Email: dgantz@lowertwpschools.com
Phone: 884-9410 ext. 2110
Mrs. Gantz

Third and Fourth Quarters
Good behavior is rewarded with tickets that can be saved up for privileges and prizes!

The class earns marbles for compliments, which can be used for a class celebration when it's full!!

If a child breaks a rule:
1st offense-warning
2nd offense-no recess
3rd offense-parents notified
4th or frequent offenses-sent to Mr. Herman or Mr. Cathcart
Grading Policy
Absences and Vacations
Homework and classwork missed during the absence is the student's responsibility.
All missed assignments will be placed in a folder on the student's desk.
Make up work is due by the end of the week after her/his return to school.
We will use the Journeys program, novels, and non-fiction articles to meet the skills necessary for sixth grade. For each lesson of study the students will be exposed to grade level vocabulary and comprehension strategies. The students will be tested on these skills using multiple-choice and open-ended assessments.
Think Central Website: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com

Word Work

Your child will learn, practice, and understand vocabulary in reading and science.
We will also use
Words to Go
for practice with grade level vocabulary word study.

We are in our fourth year of the
Go Math
program. This is also aligned with the Common Core Curriculum. Your child will work in four critical areas...number systems, ratios and rates, expressions and equations, and geometry and statistics.
Think Central Website: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com
High Five Rules

We are in our fourth year of the
Units of Study
writing program. Your child will write
Personal Narrative, Information, Literary Essay, Persuasive and Poetry Writing
. This program is aligned with the Common Core Workshop Curriculum.
Your child will participate in writers' workshop which includes mini-lessons, conferences, and small-group work. The students will be expected to write everyday in class and for homework.
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