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The History of YouTube

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Kayla Christian

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of The History of YouTube

The History of YouTube
by: Kayla Christian
YouTube is a video sharing sight for all, but do you truly know the history of it? I intend to take you on a journey though YouTube itself, with some interesting facts along the way. So lets begin with the basics: the foundation.
The Start
The start of YouTube was in February, 2005. The .com name "YouTube" was made on February 14, 2005. From there, it grew and grew! The official launch was in December of the same year. Because of it's fantastic growth, Google bought YouTube in November of 2006 for a massive $1.65 billion dollars. Now that we have the foundation and start covered, lets move onto some "YouTube Firsts."
The Foundation
Founders of YouTube:
Chad Hurley
Steve Chen
Jawed Karim
Started when Karim wanted to find a video of one of Janet Jackson
YouTube Firsts
Video- "Me at the Zoo"
Office Space- Rented out room above a pizza shop
Time Sued- November 2006 by "Universal Tube."
1,000,000 Times Viewed Video- Nike ad: "Touch of Gold"
Next, let's check out uploading techniques.
1. As long as you liked.
2. Only 10 minuets (March 2006)
3. Upgraded to 15 minuets (July 2010)
4. Back to as long as you liked.
Comments are:
Sometimes funny
A blessing and a curse.
YouTube "Most's"
Subscribed Person- PewDiePie
Longest Video- Johnathan Harchick's trip to Chili
Dislike video- Justin Bebier's "Baby"
So Let's Recap!
YouTube was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, but has been bought by Google. It has been sued for its IP address. It has had many "First's" and an interesting history all around! It has had different time caps on videos. It's comments are a blessing and a curse. And YouTube "Most's: are pretty cool too. All in all, YouTube as a pretty great thing to have!
The History of
By: Kayla Christian
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