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Matthew Kalie

No description

Stephen Spizarny

on 10 January 2018

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Transcript of Matthew Kalie

Matthew Kalie
The Spinning Jenny
The Spinning Jenny was a multi-spool spinning wheel. It produced yarn and wool faster and it could hold a whole ball of yarn. It could make clothes,blankets,and knitted hats faster.
The inventor was James Hargreaves and he created his invention (the spinning Jenny) in England.
This was a great invention because before The Spinning Jenny you had to make all hats, blankets,and clothes by hand
This impacted the industrial revolution by making clothes easier and faster.
Some advantages were this made to make sewing faster and have clothes not be made by hand.
By spinning the Jenny it could produce 8 threads at once. Later people started using it more and modifying it, you could now produce 80 threads at once.
When James Hargreaves died in 1778,over 20,000 Spinning Jenny's were made in Britain
Good for the slaves, the Jenny decreased the number of them.
James Hargreaves did not receive the proper education.
James originally wanted to be a engineer.
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