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3rd Grade Curriculum Night

No description

Cassandra Romero

on 7 August 2017

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Transcript of 3rd Grade Curriculum Night

3rd Grade Curriculum Night
What's happening in 3rd Grade?
Thank you for joining us! This year has started off great. We are really excited to share what has been going on in our classrooms, and what your children will be doing this year!
Thank you for coming!!
-If you have any questions feel free ask them now or send us an email.
Classroom Management
Mrs. Bailey
Meet the Teachers
Word Study
-Word patterns and vocabulary will be reinforced in class each week.

-Study copies will be kept in STAR binders.

Writer's Workshop
-We will begin the year with students learning how to write a proper sentence. By the end of they year students will be writing a research paper on a famous person.

-Narrative, Opinion, Persuasive, Informative, and Poetry

-This is the first year students will be tested on writing for the state of Arizona (AZMerit).

-Daily math entries in notebook

-Math differentiated to students' levels

-Students should have mastered addition and subtraction facts by the end of 2nd grade. By the end of 3rd grade, they should master multiplication and division facts 0-12.

Major concepts: multiplication, division, fractions, elapsed time, area, perimeter, rounding, multi-step word problems

-Parent Night ?
Guided reading groups, work on writing, word work, read to someone, read to self, listen to reading, and reading centers

-Donations for Lit. Sets

-Major concepts: visualizing, questioning, author's purpose, summarizing, connecting, compare and contrast, predicting, character traits, inferencing, genres

Science/Social Studies
-Our week will be divided into two science lessons and two social studies lessons.

-Major units: new world explorers, ancient civilization, government, economics, Holidays around the world, immigration, civil rights, famous americans, living and non-living things, food chains, ecosystems, fossils, and science investigation

-Team building with STEM activities

S.T.A.R. Binders

-What to expect for homework?

-Reading minutes
-Math facts
-Unfinished work

-New school wide homework policy

Reading & Math Facts
-Students should be reading at least 25 minutes a night. Projects dependent upon reading will be completed in class.

-Math facts should be practiced 15 minutes a night on MobyMax.

-Binders will be checked frequently
Beyond Textbooks
-We will be using Beyond Textbooks again this year

-It provides us with a curriculum map, so we can effectively teach all the essential standards to prepare them for 4th grade

-Curriculum Map helps us use the state standards to guide us rather than our teacher materials
Parent/Teacher Communication Logs
-Please write any questions or concerns in the communication logs. Our preferred method of communication is through email.

-If you do leave a note please make sure you have your child tell us.
How you can help...

-Thank you for those of you that signed up to volunteer. We will be utilizing you throughout the year.

- Donating food for Rocky when we have Green Team because our class is responsible for feeding Rocky that week (He LOVES fruit & green veggies!)

-Be thinking of ideas for Leap Into Literature
Island of the Blue Dolphins
Charlotte's Web

-This is my fifth year teaching 3rd grade at Cambridge.

-Substitute for early childhood and K-8 at Omaha Public Schools while I completed my master's in Nebraska.

-Although I have no kids of my own, I have an adorable dog named Ella.

Ms. Romero
Ms. Romero's Classroom Management
-Students earn tickets and Coyote Coupons for demonstrating positive behavior

-Students are also rewarded for having the behavior dots on their desk

-Teacher vs. Student

-Every other Friday we draw 5 tickets and students get their choice of classroom coupons

Mrs. Bailey's Classroom Management System
School/Classroom Events
-Famous American Wax Museum

-Poetry Slam

-Biosphere 2 field trip
(Fundraising ideas)

-Spring Carnival

-Reading camp out

- Donuts for Dad & Muffins for Mom
We have school-wide behavior expectations for the playground, office, walkways, cafeteria, and classroom
Our classroom has specific expectations as well
Failure to follow these expectations will result in a consequence (See 2nd-3rd offenses and consequence document)
Students following the TRACKS will be rewarded

Get our school's app
Add Mrs. Bailey or Ms. Romero
- This is my 1st year teaching 3rd grade. I have worked in early childhood education for 25 years.

- I graduated from Kendall College with an undergraduate degree in ECE. I will be graduating from ASU with a Master's of Education in December.

I have lived in Arizona since 1996.

-I taught internationally at the American School of Kuwait.

- I love spending time with my family!
-If you haven't already heard or noticed, our school is going paperless

-Please let us know if you have a question or concern about our new homework changes
Class Goals and Incentives
Logical Consequences
Individual Reinforcement Plans
Coyote Coupons for demonstrating positive behavior.
-Students will take the writing portion the last week of March. Reading and math will be taken in April.

-Make sure you are working with your children at home.

-Study packets will be sent out beforehand to prepare your student.

-Practice tests available on the Arizona Education website:

"I promise to believe half of what your child tells me, if you promise to believe half of what your child tells you."
Drop Off and Pick up
If the gates are closed in the morning, students must be signed in. They are tardy at 8:01am.

When dropping off in the morning please pull all the way up to the teachers. Do not let
children out of the car before you have reached a teacher. 

Students are not allowed to get in the car until you have pulled all the way up to the teachers. If you are late to pick up your child, they will be sent to after care.

For your children’s  SAFETY, students ARE NOT allowed to cross the parking lot alone. Teachers cannot walk your children across the 
parking lot.  

If you need to meet with us, please wait until after the car line.
∙         Uniform shirts may be purchased anywhere, but shirts must be embroidered with  the Cambridge logo.

Polo colors may be red, white, navy, light blue, teal, black, gray or gold. 

Bottoms can be black, navy, khaki or gray and must not be athletic type 
pants. Leggings are NOT permitted unless they are under dresses or skirts.

∙         Uniforms cannot be ripped, torn or embellished.

∙         Jackets and coats intended to be worn in the classroom must be uniform

∙         No flip flops. Sandals must have a heel strap.

∙         Shorts and skirts cannot be shorter than the student’s fingertips when arms are extended down and shoulders are relaxed.

∙         NO DENIM! (EXCEPT ON FRIDAYS)*** Friday’s are “Coyote Spirit” days.
 Students may wear their uniform shirts, Coyote Spirit shirts or any college
 t­shirt. Denim may be worn on Fridays as well.

Dress Down Friday is typically the first Friday of the month. Students may wear what they want for $1.
Tutoring is by invitation only. Stay tuned for more information.
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