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Quadratic Functions why are they important?

Learning to use different Methods to solve,simplify, and graph Quadratics.

Jodsley D'haiti

on 2 April 2011

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Transcript of Quadratic Functions why are they important?

Have you ever asked that question?why are quadtratics so important? all these x's and a's and y's and f(x) graphs :/ in reality most people are not going to use the quadratic equation in daily life so is the quadratic formula specific to the average person's life could understanding the quadratic formula help you make a more intelligent, rational individual? well think about it ..... a all of these different forms, standard, vertex Now the shape of a quadratic is basically a curve or parabola. Well that's just on a graph... or is it look closer how would you measure
the maximum height of
this rocket? Vertex form
:O after figuring out the basics such as factoring and completing the square b There are parabolas everywhere and they are constantly being calculated Now there are students in classes sitting down and to them quadratics are just a pain in the butt. But they really are not that hard to understand Wether its the suspended cables of a bridge, or a ball being thrown, or a trend in prices they still could all be represented by a quadratic equation. c Quadratics
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