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My Career

No description

Bronson Clark

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of My Career

My Career My calling is to become a minister. I will impact the nation by:
Setting a positive example for others to follow.
Lead and teach other Christians.
Follow God's way of life. I did not choose my career. God did!
I have felt the calling to become a pastor when I was fifteen years old. Since then, I have planned and prepared myself for what would be ahead of me in order to be all that I can be. Others who have prayed for me and supported me in my decision to follow God, have been the ones who help me along. Prayer is the best support one can have!. I will work all over! The church
Nursing homes
Community events
Church members' homes
Public attractions Through prayer, I have been influenced towards this career path. Pastor John Frum
My step-father
Helen Cokeley
Ira Haught
Dave Trippett
Marcus Davis The average pastor can make anywhere between $22,300 to $85,518. My Career choice alters my goals in some aspects, and in others, helps me reach them! One goal I have, is to inherit and run my family's farm; but having a parsonage and not being able to choose my church, may interfere. The United Methodist Church Clergies usually provide a parsonage free of tax, utilities, and insurance for the pastor and his or her family. Health and dental benefits are also included in most cases. Another one of my goals is to become a District Superintendent or be the head pastor of a church with 500 plus attendance.
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