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Auchan final oral presentation

No description

Alex Monnier

on 1 July 2011

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Transcript of Auchan final oral presentation

My market research on expatriates 1
4 Introduction Consumer behavior Researches and their interpretation Conclusion and recommendations Introduction My objectives
My work organization My objectives 1 2 3 Identify consumer needs and concerns Recommendations to enhance expatriate interest Identify which customer segmentation we are dealing with How I organized my internship Studying Auchan's system Planning Conducting surveys
Price comparison analysis
Interviews Working with managers from different sections
Learning about the imported products and the suppliers
Discovering Auchan China's policies and regulations (code of ethics, hygiene standards...) Learning about the environment Creating my own research tools About the expatriates
About the competitors
About the government policies My protagonists The main competitors of the market research:
Jenny Lou and Carrefour The customers interviewed:
Western expatriate families living in Beijing Consumer behavior Expatriates / foreign customers Chinese customers Different buying behaviors Why is this comparison important? But.... => Different approaches can increase attractiveness, shopping experience and ultimately profit Female clients are usually 30 to 50 years housewives sometimes shopping with toddlers (experienced international shoppers) Researches and their interpretation Customer satisfaction, needs and concerns
Pricing and competitors Conclusion Customer surveys Out of 100 expatriates Five main questions asked Main tool used About 1 out of 3 customers is German
Most of the the expatriates interviewed are from Europe Results Price comparison analysis But also.... Customer survey for internet distribution service
Customer survey for the weighing line which is one of the biggest issues that was brought up for the last question regarding customer satisfaction Ideas to improve expatriate interest in Auchan Internet delivery service with Questions? Taking into consideration the most realistic customer concerns Additional products according importance of customers concerned
Most important issues concerning customer satisfaction (such as weighing line) Fresh product section Using the customer survey to identify what the clients think about the prices
Comparing the Auchan prices with Jenny Lou and Carrefour to see if the survey results are misinterpreted by the buyers
Interviewing suppliers to know why there are real concerns and important price differentiations between Auchan and its competitors Results Interpretation Interview with a manager of Pernod Ricard. For expatriates, quality is the most important factor. Quality can also be visually improved (better cuts for the meat, a more appealing display..) 62% of the clients think that Auchan prices are good or okay compared to the competitors out of 73% people that answered the question, which means that about 85% of the people that answered are satisfied with the prices. What requires further study... To spread the word and and market these improvements, word of mouth is the fastest spreading technique inside the expatriate communities. Therefore, spreading the word doesn't necessarily mean using expensive marketing means. Internet distribution service Would Chinese customers be interested in this system? Overall, Auchan has the good prices (or equal) as compared to Wal-Mart, Carrefour and Jenny Lou for most of the products. However, some specific products such as the liquor can be found much cheaper elsewhere. 85% of the customers that answered said the prices were good, which means that price becomes an important factor for expatriates in China and that the level of awareness for customers is high (they seek the best prices and compare in different shopping places. Please turn to page 10 of the report. Acknowledgments
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