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jack scanio

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

j The Westing Game
By:Ellen Raskin Uncle Sam Westing

The mastermind of all of the Westing game who faked his death in order to get the whole Westing family back together and to find the right heir for his estate that he faked his death in. The Main Characters Flora Baumbach

Lives in apartment 2C and she is a dressmaker who is the mother of Rosalie, the girl who died a year earlier. George Theodorakis

he is the owner of the coffee shop that is in the lobby and lives in apartment 2C The Westing Game This story is more of a mystery kind of book. The book is about all of the people in the tower that get together to solve Sam Westing's death which makes the book a mystery They all get clues to help them solve it and they have to put all the clues together to figure it out. That means that they have to work together to finish and find out who killed Sam Westing. In the end of the book they realize that Sam faked his death in order to get his family back together and working to figure out the problem but turns out there was never a problem in the first place. The Westing Game It takes place in The Westing Towers right off Lake Michigan Catherine Theodorakis

Wife of George and she is the on who actually runs the coffee shop. Theo Theodorakis

Son of George and Catherine who wants to grow up and be a writer Chris Theodorakis

Has trouble speaking which is the effect of the disease he has which makes him have to sit in a wheelchair Sydelle Pulaski

Secretary of the President of the Sausage company Chris Theodorakis Jake Wexler

Lives in 3D and has his office on the third floor because he is a podiatrist Grace Windsor Wexler

A decorator lives in 3D with her husband Jake and daughter Turtle Wexler who is very interested in the stock market. Also the younger sister of Angela Wexler who is known for her beauty. She is also engaged to Denton Deere, a medical intern. James Hoo

The owner of Shin Hoo's restaurant on the fifth floor, his second wife Sun Lin who came from China and wasn't able to speak English and her stepson Douglas Hoo is an athlete in high school Judge Ford

Parents worked for the Westing family when she was a kid Otis Amber

Delivery Boy for Sunset Towers and an investigator hired by Sam Westing The main problem is that all of the heirs in the Westing Tower think that Sam Westing died. But, he didn't, another conflict are how all of the different groups of heirs were getting into arguments because some of the groups were not trying to be a part of all of this. If they were they may have won. The main parts in the Westing Game are when 1.Barney Northrup rents out apartments.
2.Heirs get put into the pairs of two so that they can try and solve the Westing Game together.
3.The bombs went off in the coffee shop and Shin Hoos Restaurant and the last bomb went off in Angela's party.
The big moment is when they find out that Sam and three others won the game.

They solve this problem by keeping quiet but they did say a couple things but you would have to read the book to find it all out. I would really think a lot of people would this unless they don't like mystery books. This is a really good book it had some boring parts but at the end the whole story really makes sense just in case you didn't understand all of it. The only reason I wouldn't recommend it is because the first part of the book is fine but then in the middle they are sitting in court for a long time and that part can get really boring but in the end it is very cool and extremely exciting. The End Raskin, Ellen. The Westing Game.
New York: Scholastic, 2002. Print
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