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Copy of Characteristics of Medieval Romance

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Jack Newton

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Characteristics of Medieval Romance

Characteristics of Medieval Romance
Background of Romance
Romance was the most popular genre fictions developed people, ideas, and events are depicted in fanciful, idealized ways.
Romance refers to any imaginative adventure concerned with noble heroes, gallant love, a chivalric code of honor, and daring deeds.
Romance originated in medieval tales in both prose and verse such as those based on Arthurian legends (for example, the Morte d' Arthur in 1485 borrows from romance narratives).
Background of Medieval Romance
Medieval romances follow what today we recognize as familiar motifs: an Arthurian knight searching for the Holy Grail, young lovers separated by bizarre circumstance and finally reunited, a hero or heroine's virtue tested, carnal love subordinated to or displacing Christian love.
Medieval romance have continues to modern times in works such as Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe (1820), Lord Tennyson's Idylls of the King (1859-85), Walker Percy's Lancelot (1977), ant the Star Wars films, but in general, modern romances curtail the idealized characters and supernatural settings.
Medieval romance usually idealizes chivalry, tend to be imaginary and vague.
Its also has mystery and susupense from supernatural elements.
Characteristics of Medieval Romance (Part 1)
Romance-from thr french romanz-means " in the Roman Language" its not Latin, but the "vernacular"- the language spoken by the people.
Some characteristics are:
Pride- it is identifed as adesire to be more important or attractive than others, failing to give compliments to others though they may be deserving of them, and excessive love of self.
Journeying- the journey is a metaphor for the spirtual quest of man durning the Middle Ages.
Love- the medieval knight usually swears his undying love to a beautiful maiden. It also helps him to stay focus on his maiden then having encounters with another women. For example: In Arthurian romances, "Lady Guineverse, King Arthur's wife, is actually in love with one of her husband's kinght Sir Lancelot".
Supernatural- medieval romances are ridden of supernatural beings such as dwarves, fairies, magicians, and giants, to name a few. For example: "Don Quixtoe, the protagonist encounters some windmills, which he believes to be giants".
Virtue- medieval knight has to prove his virtue, specifically his purity of heartand purpose, time and time again during his journey. This purity of heart, specifically by not succumbing to any temptations or spells they encounter.
Man vs. God- knights have to prove that they are pure of heart, specifically by not succumbing to any temptations or spells they encounter. Medieval romances came to be influenced by Christianity. For exmple: Arthurian romances became impregnated with Christian ideals, the illicit love affair bewteen "Lady Guinvere and Sir Lancelot came to be seen as the as the ultimate sin of adultery".
Characteristics of Medieval Romance (Part 2)
Things knights should be known for:
Characteristics of the Romantic Hero
very simailar to the epic hero
goes on a quest, often with companions.(quest is a perilous journey.)
often shows a need to impress others with his heroic deeds
represents the ideals of heroism and leadership in his society.
The 6 Characteristics about Medieval Romance
1. Medieval romance usually idealizes chivarly.
2. Medieval romance idealizes the hero-knight and his noble deeds.
3.An important element of the medieval romance is the knight's love for his lady.
4.The setting of medieval romance tend to be imaginary and vague.
5.Medieval romance derives mystery and suspense from supernatural elements.
6.Medieval romance uses concealed or disguised identity.
5 Characteristics of the Hero-Knight
(Part 3 of Medieval Romance)
1. birth of a great hero is shrouded in mystery.
2. He is reared away from his true home in ignorance of his real parents.
3. For a time his true identity is unknown.
4. after meeting an extraordinary challenge, he claims his right
5. his triumpt benefits his nation or group.
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Notes on medieval romance:

Trival 1:
Name the Characteristics of Medieval Romance that I described?
A.pride,journeying,love,supernatural,virtue,or man vs. god
B.chivalry,medieval romance,romantic hero, or mystery.

Trival 2:
How many characterisits were said about Medieval Romance?
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