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No description

Hazyn Rambo

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of BioTechnology

What is biotechnology?
The simple answer is that Biotechnology is the use of technology in biology. This gets into more advanced fields and is a new form of biology. Biotechnology today is used to help combat diseases, feed the ones in famine, reduce the amount of strain we are putting on this earth and many more things that are wrong with this world.
What are the hours and salaries of a bio technician
Well, the hours are usually the normal 8-5 with some variance due to this being a wide field of work.
What kind of education do you need to have these jobs.
Since this is a very wide spread area, most jobs you will need a masters degree or Pharm. D.(Doctor of Pharmacy Degree), but some jobs in this field you can get by with a bachelors or even associates degree. For example to be a pharmacist you will need one of the highest degrees the Pharm. D. There are some jobs like an entry level biologist that only need a bachelors degree.
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The pay is much more varied with some jobs with a salary of 30-40k where some pay over 100k, for example pharmaceutical jobs can pay over 100k, where as entry level biologists only make 30-50k a year.
What are some of the dangers in this field of expertise?
Some of the dangers of biotechnology are that you can get alot of radiation if not careful and that many of the jobs require using stuff that can be dangerous.
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