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Componants of Good Paraeducators

No description

John Hopkins

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Componants of Good Paraeducators

These professionals need to work with the classroom teachers. This kind of collaboration will enable 2 different points of view to be heard. Also, with how the paraeducators work so closely with some students they can give insight that the classroom teacher may not see.
Assigning Duties
The teacher and administrators will be in charge of creating the paraeducators schedule. They will be told what duties they have to do in and out of the educational setting. They should be able to give some input to their schedule.
Professionals need to be able work with all staff members. They must have a a good rapport and the desire to make things better for everyone else. Constant and positive interaction will lead to a good experience for everyone.
These professionals are responsible for many things inside and outside the classroom. Outside the classroom they supervise their hallways, lunch, and before and after school activities. They need to be vigilant and keep a close eye on any behavior issues.
Paraeducators need to meet the state qualifications, take college classes, meet certification , and should participate in in service training.
The paraeducator needs to be able to have open conversations with the parents and teachers they are working for. By doing this they will make it so the work environment will be a great place.
Componants of Good Paraeducators
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