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Ally Puckett

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of clothing

The Aztecs
Aztec time period
The Aztec culture A.D. 1325 through A.D. 1519.
The Aztecs settled in Mexico.
There was many types of people in the Aztec culture. There was nobles, commoners, slaves, ad the children.
The Aztecs were considered barbarians to the other cultures.
Aztec Economy
The type of technology that existed to the Aztecs was mostly calenders and tools.
The labor force was divided by class.
There wasn't really any trade but they used goods as money.
The types of transportation that were used by Aztecs was the canals, movable bridges, and they were walking.
Political Organizations
Food, Clothing and Shelter
Food was produced by Chinampas ( floating gardens).
They wore loose fitting clothing that didn't cover their body completly (depended on what class you were in).
Clothing was generally made of cotten or fiber made from a cactus.
They were built of Adobe bricks , water, sand, and clay
Their government was called the Calpulli
by:Ally Puckett, Madilynne Kostielney, Christian Lane
It depended on the crime you did there was the death penalty, and there were lighter punishments.
The lighter punishments would be getting your house demolished or your head shaved.
If there was a fight who ever started it wouldn have to pay for the medical stuff.
Attitudes Toward the Unknown
Communication System
Their language was Nahuan
Yes there was a written language
Family & Kin
Their numbering system was called ideographic system.
The main religion of the Aztecs is Fukadik
This culture is polytheistic
The main rituals of Aztecs were human sacrifices
They had these sacrifices every time they conquered land
They had them on pyramids in Mexico in 1200 A.D.
There were death rituals and rites of passage
Arts and Esthetic Values
The family and the extended family come together and form a Calpulli.
Calpulli means, "Big House"
The extended family lives in the calpulli with the rest of the family
Boys learned the history of the Aztecs and had military training and girls learned the art of homemaking.
Family & Kin
Until the age of 14 children were educated by their parents.
When they turned 14 their was two options for schooling.
Until the age of 8 the children received verbal scolding then above age 8 they were held over a chili pepper fire.
The family leadership was patrilineal, the woman stayed at home and did house work.
9a- Statues, masks, pottery, shields, knives, carved pillars, and painted walls.
9c-Music was very important, the types were sacred hyms, cantares,or, "ghost songs".
9d-The kinds of instruments they used were drums, flutes, and rattles made of pebbles and beads.
Arts and Esthetic Values
The arts were found in homes
They performed dances in rituals to praise gods.
They performed dances in rituals to praise gods.
They wrote chronicles and did drama in rituals
Ally: Wikipedia & Aztec-history.com
Christian Lane
Madilynne: Wikipedia & Aztec-history.com
Christian: Aztec-history.com & Wiki Ask.com
Aztec Recreation
Aztec Time Period
The types of games that were played were board games, ball games, and gambling games
The significance of sports was that it was important to politics and religion
Citizens played lots of games on their free time
Christian Lane
Christian Lane
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