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Fair Connections - a new CIC

A short prezi that gives an overview of Fair Connections Global CIC including its aims and potential impact.

Sara Parker

on 21 September 2017

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Transcript of Fair Connections - a new CIC

Adventures of a Nepali Frog
& products made by
Women's Skills Development Organisation
Inspired by the story of Bhaktaprasad
And a puppets made by Children Nepal
with Sara's links to Nepal
The idea of a story was born !
about a little frog called Fairis....
Who goes on an adventure
& meets a monkey
travels all over Nepal
and learns all about...
Fairness, Fairtrade and fair trade
Want to find out more ?

Want to order a story sack for your school ?

Want to book a workshop ?

Please visit


or email


find us on twitter, instagram
and facebook
the book is supported by a
Global International Fair Trade Story Sack (GIFTS) containing hand puppets the key characters
that Fairis meets on his adventures.
Educational material and ideas are also included in the GIFTS
such as making postcards to send to Nepal
or establishing friendship links
The book and story sack are aimed at primary school children in the UK and Nepal.
Puppets are also a great resource for meeting the social and emotional needs of children
The story sack and puppets are produced by WFTO trade registered organisations in Nepal.
Customers are invited to donate £50 or more to the
Fair Connections Foundation when they purchase a story sack.
For every £100 raised a school in Nepal will receive a story sack, book and training. Training is provided by Fair Connections in partnership with local NGOS such as
the Pahar Trust Nepal and Global Action Nepal.
These resources and training contribute towards schools becoming more child friendly and make sure that school is fun!
will be working with NGOs such as
the Pahar Trust Nepal and Global Action Nepal
and will build on the success of the
Better Classrooms Better Learning book
by Aidan Warlow
Fair Connections ....
has been set up as a Community Interest Company

to sell fair trade products from Nepal to schools in the UK

to help develop friendship links and deepen learning about fair trade and Nepal
is selling the story sacks in order to meet these aims
Together they make learning interactive and fun.
Children can re-tell the story using the puppets or make up new adventures of their own....
powerpoints, lesson plans and videos
are included on the data stick
making it easy for teachers to
embed into their curriculum
The story sack book and resources costs
£200 in the UK
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