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Professional Communication Part 1

No description

Sharon Low

on 26 October 2018

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Transcript of Professional Communication Part 1

Communication Styles
Futures Academy
Employer Engagement - Professional communication Lesson 4


On a sticky note write
a brief description of what
you think professional
communication is
and stick it in the area
given by your teacher.
Everyone has their own unique characteristics of communicating. Have you taken time to consider how effective you will be at communicating in your future job role?
In Life communication
is highly important specifically in the working environment - but what is your style of communication...........??
Four basic communication styles
Quiet Reserved
Different roles in industry require different ways to communicate - but a high percentage of proffesional communication is transferable
What communication barriers will certain job roles encounter ?


Around the room there are
the following headings head to what you consider your communication style is and complete the sheet as a group.
These will be revisited &
reviewed later.
Log on to Mindtools and complete
How good are you at communication quiz

On completion share and discuss with the group

Discuss and list as many
barriers to communication
How would over come any
barriers to communication
your experience
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