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Cigarettes should be more expensive!

No description

Edwartae Jordan

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Cigarettes should be more expensive!

Cigarettes should be more expensive!
Did you know?
Did you know that cigarette smoke contains over 4,800 chemicals, 69 are known to cause cancer. Smoking is actually responsible for 90% of lung cancer.
How does cigarettes affect your appearance?
The skin looks unhealthy because the chemicals in the cigarette smoke make the skin's elastic fibres snap more easily.
Pictures of Underage Children smoking
Here's a picture of two teenage girls smoking cigarettes.
Why should cigarettes be more expensive
How does cigarettes affect people's pockets.
Some people are so addicted to cigarettes, that they would buy a pack of cigarettes everyday. A pack of cigarettes are about 6.00 per pack. So lets say that someone buys a pack of cigarettes everyday for a year. That would add up to 2190 per year on cigarettes. "COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY"!! , and lets say that they make cigarettes 13.00 per pack; and someone buys them for a year that would add up to 4745 per year.
Making cigarettes more expensive could probably help stop cigarette smoking.
If cigarettes were more expensive there would be less people buying them.
Less people with lung cancer
There would be less people with heart diseases.

It reduces the overall consumption of cigarettes by three to five percent.
Things smoking can affect.
Smoking can affect many things such as your wallet , your health, and your appearance.

Cigarettes causes wrinkles.
Bags under your eyes
Psoriasis which is an autoimmune related skin condition .
Cigarettes makes your teeth yellow ,.
yellow Fingers which comes from the nicotine in cigarettes.
So maybe making cigarettes more expensive would could stop bad appearances.
Cigarettes more expensive because of Underage
Cigarettes should be more expensive for the children's sake. Now a days you have teenagers purchasing cigarettes when they shouldn't. But if you raise the prices on cigarettes then the percentage of most under aged children smoking would be less then before.
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