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Nicholas Skeval

No description

maryann carroll

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Nicholas Skeval

The death of a super giant star
Giant stars will always make supernova (Huge explosion)
Small stars graveyard
Small star usually became small white dwarfs in space
What happens when a star dies?
Information of the death of stars
many stars can do different things when they die, but they all make new stars!
Pick a route, any route and see what happens!!!!!!
The small stars come
here when they die
If our sun dies it will become a white dwarf
The gravity destroys the the star itself
The explosion can be very big
Pieces of the stars break of and form a new star
Pieces of a star can always start
a new one in a different size
Only the mega ones will make a black hole
All stars make diamonds
when they die. About $10,000,000 worth
When you look at a star
its looking back in time
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