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No description

Piers Stobbs

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of customer_themes_v5

The Customer of the Future MY Way I want it:
How I want it
When I want it
Where I want it Make my shopping trip a PLEASURE not a CHORE Opportunities Know Me Always on, real time Customised products Seamless Multichannel
Online only
Click and collect
Shop and deliver Let me have that for free Austerity- here to stay Transparent pricing
Everyone knows the best price Shifting Demographics
Boomers- time rich, money rich
Single households Health, Exercise Too much choice Local- physical community
Global -tech driven
Recommendations and Reviews Deliver on what you say
Open communication What was that wine I really liked?
How healthily am I eating? Displays
Communications Global variety, local flavour Layout
Help Mobile population, multi-ethnic society Global availability and distribution Reward myself
Small indulgences Fulfil my NEEDS
not my STEREOTYPE 44% UK smartphone users have used it for a shopping activity in store - Source comScore Dec 2012 25% of John Lewis online sales through Click and Collect- Source 2012 post Christmas briefing Amazon.com shipment to the UK now only $3.99 per item - Source: Amazon web site
"TM Lewin has found out it had a £4m market in Australia with no marketing and no stores there"- Source: Don Williams, partner at BDO, Head of Retail Makerbot 3d printer now only $2,800: Source makerbot.com, Feb 2013
Over 13,000 sold: Source Wired Sep 2012 "UK heading for triple-dip recession as GDP shrinks 0.3% in fourth quarter": Source, Guardian, Jan 25 2013

UK Youth Unemployment 13%, behind only Spain and Greece in Europe: Source Work Foundation study, Jan 2013 UK searches for mysupermarket up 40% Dec 2011 to Dec 2012: Source Google Trends
3.5 unique users as of October 2012: Source marketingweek.co.uk
Free.fr ISP- 5m broadband subscribers in France
Free.fr new mobile offering, 2.6m mobile subscribers in only 3 months: Source gigaom.com May 2012
90% of 2012 app downloads free: Source Gartner, Sept 2012
2m more people aged 60+ in UK since 1991: Source ONS
30% of households in UK now single person: Source ONS
37% London residents born outside UK (2011) up from 27% in 2001: Source ONS Push Pull Reward me
Help me chose the right one for me
Help me deal with uncertainty
Amazon.com Grocery search results Feb 2012:
Organic Coffee: 2,227 items
Cereals: 6,481 items
Spaghetti: 7,331 items
24% UK Men obese in 2011, up from 13% in 1993:
Source NHS Health Survey 2011 Internet of Food
What's in the cabinet, restocking, healthy options, gamification "Consumers want a taste of luxury in their everyday lives": Accenture Luxury Shopping Survey Results Nov 2012 UK Smartphone ownership 81% by 2016: Source Deloitte Digital Physical Virtual Understand my social web Show me my data Love Food Personal Pricing
Personal rewards
Social gaming Build my trust Easy for me What's in it for me? Ties in with too much choice/ always on/ health and exercise/ gamification Ties in with too much choice/ always on/ perfect price knowledge/ health and exercise Ties in with too much choice/ always on Ties in with austerity/ perfect price knowledge/ small indulgences Ties in with austerity/ perfect price knowledge/ free Ties in with austerity/perfect price knowledge/ small indulgences/ customised products Ties in with seamless multichannel/shifting demographics/ food waste Ties in multi-ethnic society/ global availability and distribution Ties in with austerity/ dealing with uncertainty/ perfect price knowledge/ too much choice Dealing with uncertainty,
lack of trust Declining faith in traditional institutions- only 29% UK trust in Government: Source Edelman Trust Barometer 2012 Graduates average first job tenure just 18 months: Source Marketers Forum research, June 2012 Layout, Services, Games High Street of the Future Source: Simply Business survey August 2012, 30000 independent retail outlets across UK Food Waste "Almost half of the world's food thrown away, report finds": Source Guardian, Jan 10th 2013
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