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Work Life Balance

No description

Giuseppe Friscia

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Work Life Balance

Mutually beneficial for Soundwave and its staff.
lead to greater employee satisfaction, wellbeing, retention and productivity, resulting in more effective business processes and a larger profit. Best work life balace program for Soundwave's floor staff Previous Experience Successfully designed a work life balance for floor staff for of a leading furniture retailer Reccomendations for Soundwave Flexible Working Hours Flexible Working Hours k Recommend that Sound Wave Increase casual staff members to cover other employees. no extra costs to the company reduces employee
stress levels leads to higher productivity and enthusiasm Employee Benefits Increase their work/life balance and increases the company’s profits offer an on-site day care facility
for its staff child minding facility Recommendations Retaining employees is expensive and time consuming Keep experiences employees Training Programs Develop the skills of employees at selling and understanding customer needs up-to-date with the latest technology reduce any stress and anxiety Leads to a quicker sales, more satisfied buyer
and increased profits over time 2. Decrease anxiety/stress coming to work 1. Encourage a healthy work/life balance Unconventional Practices Different meeting locations and family fun days Encourage staff excitement
about meetings, enhance
creativity and enjoyment offer activities for children and adults
to enjoy, eg raffles, prizes. Allow employees to bond Show employees that Soundwave is committed to helping them have a healthy work/life balance

Must consider . . . Benefits Limitations and Associated Financials Associated Financials Work Life Balance is fundemental to ongoing operations Causes Decreased absenteeism Increased staff work output Increased motivation Strengthens teamwork Committed employees Employment with Work Life Balance Gains competitive edge in recruiting and retaining talent It provides . . . 1. Market differentiation
2. Reduced employee turnover
3. Saving in recruitment costs
4. Improved return on investment
5. Increased employee moral
6. Increased employee flexibility
7. Staff retention tool Statistical Studies show . . . Happy employees 21% harder workers 33% likely to stay with employer Avoid negative financial losses due to employee termination NRMA costs
$48000 Manager
$29000 Senior Specialist
$12000 Other staff members Labour turnover costs 50-113%
of employee salary An example Franklin Kindergarten Association

Saved NSD$300 000 by retaining employees
after paid leave Good Work Life Balance increases return of 100-600% through
Decreased Absenteeism
Increased motivation
Higher retention Limitations Time Staffing Requirements e.g contract,
equipment Industrial laws and regulations An integral part to successful
Australian Companies Based on previous clients success rates Work life balance practices amongst your corporate staff. 1. Flexible Hours Motives for seeking flexible hours:
- childcare responsibility and study. Low cost alternative to assist in work life balance Influential factor in determining a productive work life balance agreement. Employee - Employer
relationship Further assisted the idea of flexible hours enabling employees to request reasonable flexibility dependent on employees contract and personal non-work commitments. Key Solution negotiate hours
and location tool primarily utilized by
high-level occupations increased productivity Benefits Increased employee commitment Higher productivity rates Reducing employees stress resulting in
higher attendance levels. Flexible Hours and Life Coaching are key tools in enabling work life balance within Soundwaves corporate staff 2. Life Coaching Focuses on employee’s emotional
well being and ability to
balance multiple commitments Successfully executed amongst numerous of our former clients Employees to balance commitments, achieving personal success as well as overall success of Soundwave. Entails two elements 1. Workshop for employees and employers 2. One-on-one consultation time with a coach to address individual problems. on-going cost to maintain and provide
employees with adequate support establishing an annual workshop
to preserve and update skills as
well as individual consultation appointments. 3. Health programs for staff Beneficial for
and employees Sponsor health programs for its
corporate level staff result in:
- Employees feeling more valued
- Improve staff morale
- Improve health and stress levels
- Reduce absenteeism Increase the retention of high quality
corporate staff at Soundwave and
would lead to greater work-life balance Programs include:
- Employee annual health checks
- Flu vaccines
- Recommendations on their
general wellbeing 4. Capacity to job share Benefit would improve employee’s work-life balance and their family responsibilities Reduce stress Implementing this will cause:
- Increase staff engagement
- Commitment
- Productivity
- Have greater control over their working lives
increase harmonisation 1 Flexible Working Hours 2 Employee Benefits
Increased employee satisfaction from 45% to 63.5%. This 18.5% increase in satisfaction consequentially led to an 11.2% increase in profits. 3 Training Program 4 Unconventional Practices Sound wave has a very structured roster

doesn’t accommodate for obligationsthat employees are faced with outside of work

Causes - High stress Levels
- Lower motivation to sell
- Lower productivity levels Turnover costs have been rapidlyincreasing from $105 000 to $226000 -> Too large to be ignored Family fun days Corporate and Employee Levels Corporate
1. Flexible Hours
2. Health Programs
3. Life Coaching
4. Capacity to Job Share Staff
1. Flexible hours
2. Employee benefits
3. Training programs
4. Unconventional practices 1. Better working environment
2. Happier, harder-
working staff
3. Higher retention
4. Increased profit



ompany Who Are We? Dedicated 12 years to the improvement of organisations profitability and competitive advantage to increase the:
- Motivation
- Performance
- Employee retention Kendelle
strategic development consultant
The costs and benefits associated with work life balance programs Isabella and Stephanie
Human Resources consultants
The corporate programmes Heather and Zoe
Floor management consultants
focus on the programmes at a shop level Giuseppe
General Manager
will conclude the discussion and recommendations that are imperative to Soundwaves future success. SO WHAT IS WORK LIFE BALANCE?

Employee’s View:
The co-ordination and integration of their work and non-workcommitments (De Cieri et al 2005)

Organisations View:
The recruitment and retention of motivated, productive and loyal employees

Work-life Conflict:
The potential negative impact that work can have on an employees’ stress, relationships and family wellbeing. HOW DOES IT POTENTIALLY BENEFIT SOUNDWAVE?

Reduced work life conflict
Improved work culture
Improved Recruitment and Retention
Improved attendance and productivity WHY IS IT AN ADVANTAGE TO HAVE VARIOUS MIXES?

Different expectations and needs of your employee’s demands Soundwave looks at a mix of programmes tailored to individuals’ requirements. reative


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