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Path to Presidency

No description

Jamie Schendt

on 20 July 2016

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Transcript of Path to Presidency

Get Old! (and stuff)
Step One: Meet the requirements for office

Natural born citizen
35 years of age
14 years of residence
Inauguration Day
Formally sworn in as President of the United States
How to get elected President: Obama Style!
Path to the White House
Get Noticed!
Announce Your Candidacy
Hit the Campaign Trail!
Primary Elections & Caucuses!
REMEMBER: This election is one that narrows set of candidates for ONE political party.

This the FIRST STEP in the two-part election process.
National Party Convention
Accept the nomination!
Back to the Campaign Trail!
Campaign Ads & Speeches
You better know your stuff!
Win that General Election!
Acceptance Speech
Better get some endorsements!
Primary versus Caucus
Primary - preliminary election to choose the candidate for a particular party; most similar to a general election; voters cast secret ballots at a polling place
Caucus - meeting of members of a political party (or polling district) to choose a candidate for a particular party; votes are in-person, face-to-face; usually involves discussion & debate; more time consuming
Warm Up
Side Note:
Libertarianism – closest to “pure” (classic) liberalism in that they believe in complete LAISSEZ-FAIRE
In a perfect world, they would not want a government role in anything
Famous candidate: Representative Ron Paul (TX)
Current Party (sort of): Tea Party
Inauguration = the formal ceremony that marks the beginning of a political leader's term of office
Candidates must also file with the FEC (Federal Elections Commission) after they have raised more than $5,000.
Presidential Twitter Campaign
You are the President's Social Media Director:
Craft 10 TWEETS (<14o characters)
Tweets should:
Reflect ideology, platforms, planks
Encompass all steps of the Campaign Process
Be Appropriate
It is important to have well-known persons (other politicians) publicly support you over the other candidates
The systematic contacting of voters by campaigns. This can be done door-to-door and by telephone. Purpose = gather information & register voters!
At this event, the candidate ACCEPTS their party's nomination. The party also votes on their PLATFORM.
In order to win, you must have a majority in the ELECTORAL COLLEGE (more to come tomorrow!)

This means you need 270 votes!
According to Constitution (20th Amendment) it occurs on Jan. 20th
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