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Security Presentation

David Collins

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of TCPM

Trusted Computing Platform Module David Collins
Andrew McGillivray
Tyler Todd what a tcpm looks like What is TCPM(or tpm)? Agenda What is a TCPM? RESOURCES: Img 1


http://blog.morrisontechnologies.com/2010/07/21/the-social-hacking-of-the-un-trusted-platform-module-tpm/ What a tcpm looks like Its purpose is to ensure that the information like keys, passwords, and digital certificates that it stores are made more secure from external software attacks and physical theft. Trusted Computer Platform Module is a chip that is installed on the Motherboard of most Desktops, Laptops, and Tablet PCs today. What is a TCPM? Hardware example Trusted Platform Modules provide a so-called hash value for the complete system by using Secure Hash Algorithm or SHA. This SHA is determined my the various different hardware elements of the system. The computer will only start into an authorized state if the TCPM recognizes the Hash Value. This gains access to the encrypted root key and the trusted computing aplication and access trusted/secure data. If an unrecognized hash value is found then only access to the free files and programs. How it works Examples SAIT LAPTOPS Home PC tablet pc Intel and amd apProach Intel "TXT" AMd "sem" Due to its relation to computer and data security, governmental bodies such as the U.S Department of Defense requires that every computer purchased MUST contain a TPM chip Security vulnerabilities Intel and AMD approach Intel and AMD both have very little information regarding their own
version of the Trusted Platform

Intel's version of TPM is called Trusted Execution Technology

AMD's is Secure Execution Mode TPM vulnerabilities - The TPM is a fairly secure piece of hardware. It uses two 2048-bit asymmetric keys .

- a "Cold Boot attack" is possible. System is shutdown ungracefully, keys are pulled at boot time (Usually with

- OEM's carry "Master keys" .

- "Master keys" have been social engineered out of support staff at OEM's TXT relies heavily on
the Trusted Platform Module
to perform tasks such as secure storage of measurements performed by the TPM.
The TXT also authenticates every step of the boot process. Works in much the same way as Intel TXT, though information about this their TPM implementation is scarce. Each TPM has a unique key that is burned in during manufacturing.
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