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Business Furniture Sales Presentation

Proving value to a new contact at an existing client site.

Annie Bumgarner

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Business Furniture Sales Presentation

DESIGN Delivery and Installation Experienced Professionals

Creative Solutions

Strategic Thinking + Collaboration = Successful Planning
An authorized Steelcase Dealer

The only furniture provider in Indiana to be MICCS certified

Expecting the highest standard of damage free, on-time delivery and successful product installation Let us translate your vision into a workplace that increases your business results. Count on our team to get it right. Vision To be the market leader in design by incorporating cutting edge technology and design to satisfy our customer’s ever-changing needs.

Clear communication, mutual respect and personal development to achieve success for our company and those we serve. Trust our commitment to making spaces that serve you more effectively. Mission To help our customers create the culture they want, utilizing space and the right blend of work environments

Designing a space that fits and feels just right...a space that drives results Its more than just furniture. Success Today Continued successful storage and management of current furniture assets

Reclamation of valuable company real estate

Increased profits through shedding of unnecessary expenses Success Tomorrow Celebrate your growth by continuing to leverage you current furniture assets to become more efficient and evolve

Utilizing our unique solutions to create a space that works harder for you

Bring about innovation and collaboration sparked by improved employee performance, driven by organizational culture
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