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Patricians vs Plebeians

No description

michael Tonielli

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Patricians vs Plebeians

Patricians vs Plebeians

Tunic: The basic item of male dress was this
Toga: was the national garment of Rome
- Didnt work as hard
-Men wrote letters and dealt with Business
-Women admired their beauty
- Men Merchant Farmers and Craft workers
Women : Farmers or worked in house
They worked all day

Most lived in apartments
Apartments located in lower levels were in better condition than apartments located in upper levels. Because of this, more Romans who were a little wealthier(Patricians) lived in the apartments near the courtyard, while poorer Romans(Plebeians) lived on the top floors.
Other Facts for the Patricians
--Offered protection
- only Patricians Could hold political, military, or religious offices
- Small part of the population
- Held most of the power and control
- Could serve in the senate
-middle-lower class [not as wealthy as the patricians]
-bulk of the population
-artisans, shopkeepers, and peasants
-elected officials called tribunes
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