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Zach, Alex, Morgan

Zach Wiese

on 18 February 2010

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Transcript of Rainforest-6-2

Rainforest 2
intresting Facts
Plant Adaptation
•Birds- drop seeds on trees
•Seeds- sent root to ground
•Kills- host
Animal Adaptation
•Toucan- large bill- help it reach fruit
•Chameleon- skin- camouflage to surroundings
Endangered rainforest
•Rainforest becoming endangered
•Cut down- 6,000 acres an hour
•Needed- oxygen, cleaning pollution, homes for animals
•Live- Central, West Africa
•Omnivores- eats- insects, seeds, fruit, leaves, bark
•Weight- 90- 200 pounds
•Height- 2.5 ft.- 3ft.
•Grows on big shrub or tiny tree
•Height- 10-20 feet tall
•Pink when young, green when older
•Bloom in July and September
•Warm and humid
•Almost always raining
•Over 80 inches of rain every year
•Average temperature- 75°F
•Makes up 7% of earth
•Main job-recycle and clean water
•Take carbon-dioxide out of air
•South American bird
•Eats – plants and animals
•Lives – 20 years in the wild
•Measure – 25 Inches
•Bill size – 7.5 Inches
•Home – South America and Mexico
•Adapt – using beaks for weapons and feeding
•Beaks – gather fruit, berries, insects, and lizards
•Nest- rainforest canopy
Strangler Fig
•Tall tree that twists
•Roots - begin at bottom floor
•Twists and turns
•Inside – dies and hollows
•Lives inside – animals
•Produces – figs
Blue Morpho Butterfly
•Lives – South America
•Color – Bright blue with little black on sides
•Lives – only 115 days
•One of the largest butterfly
•Endangered of becoming extinct
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