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Scholarship Workshop

No description

Devin Zbinden

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Scholarship Workshop

Scholarship Workshop
Product Scholarships:
Coca-Cola, Doritos, ect.

Contest Scholarships:
Field of Study, Crafts i.e. Carpentry, Knitting, Milk-Mustache

Charity, Community Service, Positive Change

Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Disabilities, Low-income, ect.

Apply for Everything
Scholarship Handbook 2013
Kaplan Scholarship Book 2013
: Categories

Scholarships: Who, What, Where, How & Why
More than meets the eye...
Tips for Winning Scholarships

Save EVERY essay that you write.
Give LOTS of details
Let your audience in: evoke emotion
Focus on positives about yourself

Pay for tuition
Educational expenses (transportation, computer upkeep etc.)
Living Expenses
First Things First...
Create a new e-mail address for SCHOLARSHIPS ONLY

Create a weekly schedule

Start an organization plan
Deep Water: SCAMS
$ Pay money to get money= SCAM
Too good to be true?... It is
Guaranteed to win? SCAM!!!
Application Fee? SCAM!!!
Asking for ANY KIND of bank info= SCAM
Postage for another country? SCAM!!!

Not sure? Bring to us, we can help you figure it out :)
It's Yours KEEP IT
GPA: Keep your grades up! You could lose scholarships
Time off from school: If you take time off it can effect some scholarships
Designated Field: change of major/program effects some scholarship eligibility
Full-time status: find out what full-time status is at your school. If you drop a course will you be considered part-time?
1. Create scholarship e-mail
2. Register on search engines
3. Schedule time to apply/keep track
4. Stay organized and timely
5. Ask for help when you need it
Get Involved
Begin volunteering, start a charity project, aid your community! This will enhance your application and get you noticed!!!!
TAXES & Scholarships
Qualified Educational Expenses
Tuition & fees required to enroll at or attend an eligible educational institution
Course-related expenses, such as fees, books, supplies and equipment that are required for the courses at the educational institution. These items must be required of all students in your course of instruction.
Expenses that DO NOT Qualify
Room & board.
Clerical help.
Equipment and other expenses not required for enrollment at an educational institution.
Eligibility for Stevens-Henager Students
2-year Career College
NOT: 4-year college or trade school
Accredited Institution for Higher Education
Full Time Student: 2 classes per mod.
Part Time Student: 1 class per mod.

Get to Know Your Audience
Research the company or organization awarding the scholarship. Ask questions like:

1. What reputation does this organization uphold?

2. Who is the target audience for the organization?

3. What were qualifications met by previous scholarship winners?

4. What details about the organization could help me enhance my application?
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