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Volunteer Presentation

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Mary Holloman

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Volunteer Presentation

Volunteer Management Mary Holloman, Volunteer Coordinator
Greensboro Parks and Recreation Recruitment: Recognition Recognizing Volunteers Ways to Honor
Volunteers Retention Don't do this: And don't forget to... Don't... Make sure you... True or False? The Bad, The Ugly The Good... Volunteers: "Volunteers take too much time"
"Every volunteer is good"
"Volunteers are free"
"Volunteers are not reliable"
"I can't fire a volunteer"
"The Volunteer Coordinator is primarily responsible for the effectiveness of a volunteer program." They bring fresh perspective
They can be ambassadors for your organization
They can assist with "back burner" tasks
They have unique areas of expertise
They connect your organization with the community
What else?? Reliability
They aren't being paid!
Time consuming
Bad publicity
What else?? Develop a volunteer application
Have policies and procedures in writing
Use background checks
Use job descriptions Document EVERYTHING
Personally interview potential volunteers
Be upfront with volunteers
Hold a training/orientation
Use evaluations Give false advertising
Exclude those who want to serve
Forget your volunteers What purpose does recognizing or honoring a volunteer serve? Certificates
Leadership Roles
Photos with Executive
End-of-Year Awards
Thank you cards Recruitment +
Recognition are they worth it? Dos and Don'ts Public Recognition
T-shirts ("we" or "us")
Name Badges
Small Gifts
"Career Ladders" "Recognition is your
volunteer's paycheck." LESS
Recruitment What can you use volunteers for? In Parks and Recreation Coaches
Office Assistants
Adopt-a Programs
Special Events GYC
After school
Programming What about you? Questions?
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