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7th Grade - 9/9/2014

No description

Susan Stamm

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of 7th Grade - 9/9/2014

an extreme fear of heights
Introduce and definitions...
Vocab Their Way
7th Grade - 9/9/2014
What question do you ask for cause?

What question do you ask for effect?

Do Now
Mario wasn't watching where he was going so he tripped on the curb and fell to ground.

Red: cause
Blue: effect
Cause and Effect

Read the Fishing Fun Cause and Effect Story. Fill in the missing causes and effects.

Use the information you have to help.

Use why and what questoins.
On your own...

Complete the Cause and Effect worksheet. Underline the causes in
pen and effects in
pen or pencil.

We'll provide red pens.

Next, pick one of the sentences in the worksheet. Tell what happens next in the story. You can make it up and make sure to add one more cause and effect.

3-4 sentences

I'll model the first one. Create your own example.

Share stories with a partner next to you. Partners should ask questions. Each student will add a few details to their story after sharing.Use red pen.

Then we'll call on some students to share as a class.
Kate ate all of her breakfast because she was hungry....
an abnormal fear of air and gasses.
an irrational fear
a fear of being in crowds or public places.
a fear of spiders
a fear of tight or closed spaces
fear of advanced technology
production and distribution of income / wealth
ahead of its time, advanced
biology, something you are born with.

(hair / eye color)
a well known, important time in history
comes from living things, happens naturally
sad, fatal, deadly
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