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Earth Materials- GenSci 1, Chapter 20

GenSci 1, Chapter 20

john krieger

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Earth Materials- GenSci 1, Chapter 20

Minerals- substance found in earth's crust made of only a few different elements
Each unique mineral may be identified by a set of unique physical properties
Hardness Luster Streak
Minerals can form by different meens Minerals are grouped into one of 3,800 categories This is the way a mineral breaks and is determine by the arrangement of atoms and bonds between them Breakage it can be... cleavage- breaks along planes that result in smooth, flat surfaces fracture- irregular uneven break is a minerals resistance to scrathing and results from the bonds connection atoms in minteras having different strenths the way a mineral reflects light metallic- reflects light in a way that a metal surface might nonmetallic- shine like glass, or are earthy, or waxy it can be... the color of a mineral in powered form Earth Materials- Chapter 20 precipitation solidification evaporation come out of hot water solutions rich in mineral mater from magama as it cools water rich in dissolved salts at low temperatures near earth's surface rock forming silicates non- silicates some minerals are so common that they are called this most important minerals by volume of earth's crust include carbonates, oxides, halides, sulfides, and sulfates
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