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Personal Reflective Writing- Whose Reality?

"Whose Reality?" & Leunig

Louise Roberts

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of Personal Reflective Writing- Whose Reality?

Leunig, Philosophy and 'Whose Reality?'
Personal Reflective Writing
Personal Philosophies
Inner Self- Michael Leunig
"I suppose it dates back to an early childhood feeling that people weren't really saying what they were thinking. I think a lot of children grow up thinking, "Hang on, more is going on here, but people aren't saying it." I wanted to know what they really thought, what they were saying to themselves that they couldn't say out loud. People lie constantly, we all do. I think we suffer from the absence of the personal. When society lapses into the personal it gets all maudlin and inept and clumsy. Because we are not used to incorporating spontaneous, natural, truthful response."
Pasted from http://www.leunig.com.au/philosophies/philosophy6.php
Go outside and find a quintessentially Australian aspect of nature.
Writing Activity
'Where there's a duck there's hope.'
'...the spirit of the duck...'
'...our leaders warned us of the evil communists empire coming to devour our homes and our loved ones.'
'...like gentle sunlight from heaven.'
'...amazing release of hope and innocence from the crowd...'
'...spontaneous moment of liberation from all the fear mongering and grim propaganda.'
'to show the way forward...'
Writing Activity
What is necessary for an accomplished Personal Reflective essay?

How can you incorporate the essay style, with philosophical awareness and a smattering of something Leunig?
What have we learnt?
What are your Core Philosophies?
Whilst writing Personal reflective pieces there are aspects and concepts to consider:
* Philosophies
* Time & Place (past and present)
* Self reflection
* Repression- (Psychology) The unconscious exclusion of painful impulses,
desires, or fears from the conscious mind.
* Sentimentality
Starting Point
What is Personal Reflective writing?
What creates excellent Personal Reflective writing?
What are you willing to do with your writing?
Now, compare the Australian aspect of nature to a specific Australian philosophy and reflect about how we should celebrate those aspects on January 26th each year.
Societal Pressures versus Personal Philosophies
Let it go. Let it out.

Let it all unravel.

Let it free and it can be

A path on which to travel.

[M. Leunig, The Prayer Tree, HarperCollins Publishers, East Melbourne, Vic., 1999 (1990), p62.]
All Hail Vladimir, Beloved Duck
p 7
Using one of the quotes from Leunig's essay create a Personal Reflective piece that examines/ explores how society perception can alter from the individual point of view. (about 600 words)
This is due...
A Student Model- A Personal Reflective Essay.
Whose Reality?
‘Act Manfully’ is the Trinity Motto.
What does it mean to you?
Write a 150 word paragraph defining masculinity?
P 46
Read Blood and Guts, Violence and Death
Consider a vingette where you reflected upon a masculine
decision / contemplation. At least 250 words.
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