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wireless site survey

it was one of the most intersting country. also, it combine between two cultures Asia & Eroupe that make it an attractive country ^^

skoon ad

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of wireless site survey

wireless site survey Class#1(A014) Group Members Mariam Al Shehhi (H00154257)

Nora Al Ali (H00149338)

Zahra Al Zubaidi (H00128749) EELX N 307 Course Project Electronics Engineering
Department Introduction Wireless site survey
“ "process to plan and design for the wireless network"

Goal of this project Open and Closed Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
“wireless network technology that allow pc’s to access the internet without using wires or cables”

How it is work? Open and Closed Wi-Fi Open system
Attracting people
Attract hackers
Overloaded Open and Closed Wi-Fi Closed system
Browsing easily
Defect in the network Best system for college Closed Wi-Fi Why?
College location
Personal & educational information
Hackers & leaking information Best coverage Worst coverage AP's
The coverage Average coverage Best coverage Average coverage Worst coverage AP's
The coverage Class#2(A015) AP's
The coverage Class#3(A017) Best coverage Average coverage Worst coverage Class#4(A019) Best coverage Average coverage Worst coverage AP's
The coverage Class#5(A021) Best coverage Average coverage Worst coverage AP's
The coverage Class#6(A024) Best coverage Average coverage Worst coverage AP's
The coverage Equipments Electronic equipment
Turn ON
Open or close door Application Access points & Mac Address conclusion Educational
Enterprise application
Microsoft office
Communication & personal
Social network
Games Access points & strength of signals
Number of access points between 10 and 27
Type of Mac addresses
Worst class
Improvement References

. Thanks For your Attention Questions video Thanks 4 ur help
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