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Stylish Bubble Timeline - 55970

Available at Prezzip.com

Your Prezis

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of Stylish Bubble Timeline - 55970

Aug 1
from 1999 to 2016
ALMAlink created on Yahoo groups.
Eureka teleconferencing
At first Telstra teleconferencing was used, which was very expensive...

Laraine organized to use the South Australia RACGP teleconferencing facility.
Separate elements
This Stylish timeline with a fresh bubble 3D background and transparent elements is great for business use. Just add your story, we did the design for your!
This prezi and many more inspiration:
Date of first vote
Name ALMA chosen!!!!
Carol Booth first co-convenor
Four names were suggested, one of which was "Docs in Docs"!

Carol can't remember but the name was probably decided by a vote...

At the end of the 1st conference the committee was established which moved towards incorporation.
At the end of 1945 a Germnan medical doctor, Klaus Maertens, injured his foot skiing in the Bavarian Alps.

He teamed up with his old college engineering friend Dr. Herbert Funck, and together they began to develop the idea further.

They discovered and therefore invented a pair of shoes which provided consumers extra comfort!
Important history lesson for lesbian docors...
What else happened in 1999....

Hillary Swank wins the Oscar for best actress in Boys Don't Cry!

She plays the role of Brandon Teena, a transgender man who who was beaten and murdered by male acquaintances after they find out he has female anatomy.

It was the first time in history an actress won an Oscar for portraying an LGBTQI role in a movie.

First ever message sent on
First ALMA newsletter, printed on Dorrigo Hospital Photocopier, put in envelopes and posted out by Carol.

Competition for name of newsletter - ALMANAC chosen
"And last, but certainly not least, I want to thank Brandon Teena for being such an inspiration to us all. His legacy lives on through our movie to remind us to always be ourselves, to follow our hearts, to not conform. I pray for the day when we not only accept our differences, but we actually celebrate our diversity. Thank you very much."

Hillary Swank
March 26, 2000
ALMA concept logo designed by Kim De Vahl Baker.

First digital format logo - Kim Olsson.

Kim De Vahl Baker learned some computer skills and redesigned the logo...
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