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Public relations execution

Week 11, class 1 — April 9, 2013

Stacy Forster

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Public relations execution

Press release Press conference Press kit PR execution Primary tool used to deliver message to journalists Produced by company/organization
for use by press
Tailor to medium or audience
Localize if targeting local press
Create media list for each release
Keep it concise, simple Understand the news values Timeliness
Relevance to the public
Personality Press release Double space on 8.5" by 11"
Margins at 1.5"
Provide contact name, phone
number, email address
Include release date (embargo in
rare cases)
Add ###, --30-- or --end--
Be sensitive to deadlines
Write it well
Proofread and edit
Use AP style
Use short paragraphs
Include quotes
Include headline and cutlines
Follow inverted pyramid Press release format Be fair and objective Media/press kits Gives structure to a successful press conference
Usually includes:
Fact sheets
Offer everything in one folder Deliver accurate information and
answers fundamental questions
Give sufficient background to allow
reporters and editors to find a story angle
Offer information from credible sources
Use visually arresting graphics A press kit should... Backgrounder Provide information to complement shorter release

Longer and more general, give depth and details

Subject matter dictates form Biography Offer biographical summary of key people

Can be straight biography or narrative Other components of a press kit Fact sheet Compact profile of an organization: Company, product lines, top managers, location, sales, leading products, history Q&A Supplements or replaces a fact sheet Lists questions and answers, may substitute for a personal interview Photographs Eye-catching images in a real environment
Focus on product/issue Use a press conference to convene your
media representatives to make a statement

It can be a risky PR activity Why? Lots of unknowns Will the press show up?
Will they ask the right questions?
Will they ask questions we don't want to answer?
Will they ask questions we don't know
how to answer?
How will we react if we are cornered or unable to
field the questions? Your press conferences Tuesday, April 16 at 5 p.m.
Be there no later than 4:45 p.m. Vim Elite
Allied Communication Zero Enigma Consulting
Magnet Thinkhouse Put on press conference for J335 sections
Work with people who are in the same role
(account managers, creative directors) Account managers Host press conference
Deliver presentation
Conduct Q&A

Press conference should last 20 minutes PR directors Write press release
Plan and set up press conference
Bring and present food to reporters Research directors Do background research
Prepare materials for press kit
Do research during press conference Creative directors Design press kit and press release
Make materials visually appealing
Assemble 10 copies of press kit Media directors Generate list of media contacts
Distribute kit at press conference http://dare.news.wisc.edu/
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