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Marketing Plan FY '19

No description

Kristen Katzman

on 20 September 2018

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Transcript of Marketing Plan FY '19

Marketing Activities
Trade Shows
Advertising and E-marketing
Consumer research presentations
Innovation Days
Range reviews, NB and rbst free
Global Marketing Forum
Global Business Support
New areas of opportunity
Product launches
CHY-MAX® Supreme
Field Validation phase to confirm vs CHY-MAX M:
Yield increase (0.4 to 1.0%)
Improved functionalities and less bitterness (reduced proteolysis)
Improved whey quality to increase value (less fat and casein fractions)

SpiceIt® MPlus
The new SpiceIT® MPlus is a microbial lipase (not produced by a GM derived organism).
It will provide an improved flavor profile in the cheese compared to current SpiceIT® MR.
Available in a convenient pack sizes of 500g (enzyme strength 600U/g).
Kosher, Halal and vegetarian status

eXact® DSG 6000 Refresh
Resists phage to protect your production process and provide you with
Low post acidification and good texture performance help keep your product
throughout your process and supply chain
Designed to be
in order to provide you with maximum flexibility and capacity for your production facility
New price to be competitive
Exploring new opportunity areas
Pizza cheese
Mesophilic Dairy Alternative
FY '19 New Product Launches/Refresh
New Lactosens unit
CHY-MAX Supreme
SpiceIt MPlus
DSG 6000 refresh
Marketing Plan FY '19
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