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No description

Darryl baldwin

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Darryl

in my class we have been working on a project that had to do with ancient egypt my group was group six our task was to find out as much as we can about ancient egypt yet alone why they belived in after life.

Evaluate another thing in my class we were working on is subsitute projects mine got on the board. my favorite thing of the day is oncore because we have gym , music art and libray my favorite oncore is gym in dare we got dare
tshirts , dare cups
but the winner got a dare lion math, the thing in math that im bad at is multiplying and divion beut during the weeks that i was in blue bell i leard alot about how to multiply and do divion better than i use to do it another thing we have been working on is
a comunity seves mine was pritty good
and it took some time to get finished but it was werth it because now i realize that im kind of good at trying to perswade people. also in my class we had a project that had to do with your grand parents and i picked my grandfather leroy parker because he was in the army and you got to pick music i chose michael jackson another thing i liked about fith grade is csi.
csi is a fun thing through out the hole fith grade and its fun because you look at clues to see how did what and why and how theres a victum witnesses and the suspect.
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