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Copy of Oedipus Rex

Introduction to Oedipus Rex

Amy Rawlings

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Oedipus Rex

The gods
The Story
King Oedipus
King Laius
Sophocles was a playwright from Athens, Greece.

However, the play takes place in Thebes.
Freud theorized the Oedipal Complex.

Oedipus Complex suggests that at a young age children sexually desire their mother; however, due to fear of their father's wrath, learn how to follow family rules and social norms.

This theory was named after the Oedipus play.

A tragic hero has a tragic flaw that will lead to a tragic fall.
Free Will suggests that we as humans have complete control over our future.

Our decisions are what decide our future lives.
Fate suggests that an outside and/or greater force controls our future.

Our futures are predetermined and, no matter our decisions, we will meet the same predestined future.

The greeks believed in fate. They believed that fate was controlled by the gods. Therefore, they believed that when Oedipus is prophesied to sleep with his mother and kill his father, then he is helpless to prevent this from happening.
Oedipus Rex
Best play writer in Greece.

Won first place in their festival of plays 18 times.

Wrote 123 plays.
Author: Sophocles
Plays were a form of worship.

Worshipped the god Dionysus.

Dionysus: wild,drunkenness, sexuality
Plays were shown during huge religious festivals.

Nearly 15,000 people would attend.

At the end of many plays, dances, and songs, judges would vote for the best.
Tragic Hero
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