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Roblox vs. Minecraft 2

My opinion of the whole Minecraft/Roblox debate.

Bill McHutch

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Roblox vs. Minecraft 2

Roblox vs. Minecraft 2
Straight, upfront pricing.
Gaming Experience
Now, the game itself.
The communities are an important part of a user's experience
Ease of Use
How simple it is to do things is very important in a game.
The Decision
Some dramatic music about now would be good...
I have decided to revisit the topic.
Free, but upgrades called Builder's Club
Well, Roblox is free to play. That is, unless you pay for something called Builder's Club. Builder's Club is sort of a premium membership on Roblox. It gives lots of advantages that may seem unfair to free players. Builder's Club costs A LOT. For lifetime membership, the price is the hundreds. So Roblox can be free, but at a disadvantage compared to Builder's Club.
On the the other hand, Minecraft requires some expense upfront.
Unlike Roblox, Minecraft is not free to play. A $30 payment is needed to play it. But Minecraft does not have any premium membership, as opposed to Roblox's Builder's Club. So pay the upfront cost, and that's it.
Fairly... random.
Well, the idea with Roblox is to let users make their own games. As you could guess, this method is fairly random and unpredictable. It has it's ups and downs. On the pro side, it allows freedom, and many users can contribute as whole, therefore allowing a variety of games to exist. As for the cons, some of these games are weird, annoying, disgusting, or plain stupid. Unfortunately, you will see many of these games on the website, and not as much of the good ones.
Structured, but allows some freedom.
Minecraft has more structure than Roblox. They make everything you can use. This is good for users who like to know what exactly they are getting into, but still allowing for a large amount of freedom. The downside is the lack of complete freedom. Only something from the creators' minds can be made or exist in Minecraft. That is actually quite a bit of stuff, but does not allow for everything Roblox does.
The great and... the not-so-great.
Roblox's community is quite varying. Some users are great. They may assist other users, or make stuff others can use/play on. But... not all are so nice. And sadly, the not-so-nice are probably a majority. They could spam, say bad/disgusting things, try to steal/scam your account or items, or simply be really rude. Just remember, many users are kind, but more are bad.
Nice as a whole.
Minecraft has a mostly friendly community. Of course they have their bad users, but due to the upfront pricing, less players will be people trying to ruin the game, and more will be serious players.
WASD controls and arrow keys + Space Bar used in general gaming, but studio can be difficult.
Roblox, like most online PC games, uses WASD and Arrow Keys plus the Space Bar. But, when building using the Roblox Studio (Roblox Studio is how you build stuff in your place), the controls are a bit different. Most of all though, is the complexity of the building. And scripting (Roblox uses LUA script). Building can be very longnd difficult, depending on what you happen to be making. Scripting... well scripting is no easy task, and takes quite long to learn. An alternative to these difficult ways of building is the Build mode. It gives less ability, but is much easier to use.
Simple to walk, simple to build.
Minecraft also uses WASD controls, so same as Roblox there. But building is much simpler. Just get material and... click. This method is quite limited compared to Roblox Studio, but it gets the job done. It is also similar to Roblox's Build mode.
Our winner is... Both!
Both games show outstanding qualities in their own ways. The details are listed next.
Roblox is a constantly growing place. If you are willing to spend a bit to see what you can do, go for it! There are so many possibilities, it is really a giant place to build anything, and be anything.
Minecraft is a fun game to meet friends, and build whatever comes to mind while surviving hordes of stuff and just hanging out. It is fun to just be with your friends in a big, yet simple game.
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