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Freak and Geeks

Presentation about the US series

Angelika Groß

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Freak and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks Plot Weir family Lindsay Weir 16 years old

starts questioning life
begins hanging out with the "freaks" Sam Weir 14 years old
Freshman Harold and Jean Weir a typical american middle class family Daniel Desario "Bad Boy" Nick Andopolis Ken Miller romantic wise-cracking and sarcastic
very smart Kim Kelly Daniel's on-and-off-girlfriend Neal Schweiber Bill Haverchuck Sam's (and Bill's) best friend working class Linda Cardellini John Francis Deley as Sam Weir James Franco as Daniel Desario Busy Philipps as Kim Kelly Jason Segel as Nick Andopolis Seth Rogan as Ken Miller Samuel Franklin Levine as Neal Schweiber Martin Starr as Bill Haverchuck as Lindsay Weir * 25 June 1975

Freaks and Geeks,
ER, Scooby-Doo * 20 July 1985

Freaks and Geeks, Bones

was the only actor who was as old as his character * 19 April 1978

James Dean, Spiderman, Pineapple Express, Milk, 127 Hours, Tristan & Isolde, Annapolis, The Iceman, Rise of the Planet of the Apes * 25 June 1979

Dawson's Creek, Cougar Town * 18 January 1980

Undeclared, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up, Bad Teacher, How I Met Your Mother, etc. * 15 April 1982

Superbad, Fanboys, Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, etc. * 12 March 1982

Not Another Teen Movie, Inglorious Bastards * 30 July 1982

Party Down, Knocked Up, Cheats, Adventureland Extras general facts
main plot
characters and social backgrounds
author and actors
own opinion Thank you for your attention! Gerneral facts "Voll daneben, voll im Leben" #93 in the "100 Greates Shows all time" rankings averaged 6.77 million viewers 1 season, 18 episodes aired during 1999-2000 created by Paul Feig and Jud Apatow teen dramedy Author *17 September 1962 Paul S. Feig known for playing Mr. Eugene Pool (Sabrina, The Teenage Witch) Nominated for two Emmy Awards graduated from USC School of Cinema-Television in 1984 interested in sci-fi, comedic actors and his grades excellent sense of morals and manners
shy has a crush on cheerleader Cindy Sanderns bully victim Harold is strict, but also a loving father and proud of his children Jean gives her children advice
and is always kind and generous live in the suburb Harold run his own little store cool and charismatic freak know for fighting with his girlfriend Kim Kelly and skipping class selfish and manipulative, but help his friends leader of the freaks lower class friendly and mild-mannerd uses marijuana frequently passion for music (especially his 29-piece drum kit) strict military father live with his father in the suburb middle-class softer side in his relationship with "tuba girl" Amy was raised by a nanny forge a friendship with Lindsay, in the end they become best friends known for only having sex and doing drugs tough and short-tempered lives with her disapproving mother, her illiterate stepfather and her brother (who sleeps on the couch) in an half-renovated house lower class Jewish self-proclaimed comic genius and ladies' man Sophmore geek very outgoing denies that he is geeky fairly wealthy family - upper middle-class (his father is dentist) geekiest of the geeks unpretentious and gentle understated bus amusing sense of humor always a loyal friend allergic to peanuts and almost dies lives with his single mother in a small house DVD Books Own opinion "Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll", but harmless.

It's realistic Theme song "Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett The show chronicles teenager problems 1980s at McKinley Highschool Weir siblings Lindsay and Sam Geeks do drugs, drink alcohol Freaks Led-Zeppelin-worship, jean-jacket-wearing burnouts and rebellious hang out together and listen music Dungeons & Dragon-playing, athletically challenged loosers
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