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MSK Annual Dinner

No description

Heather Malarcik

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of MSK Annual Dinner

2012 - Serious Progress Main Street Kent Marketing Committee Main Street Kent Promoting downtown businesses, and the cultural & artistic diversity of Kent

Creating Collaborative Advertising Efforts
Hosting Downtown Kent Events
Sponsoring Music Festivals & Concerts
Marketing Downtown Kent Record-Courier Small Business Section Akron Life Magazine Kent Section Discover Downtown
Art & Wine Festival Main Street Kent Events In 2006, a group of people got together at The Kent Stage to discuss ideas on how to improve a stagnant downtown Kent. It had been discussed for many years that something had to change, that Kent needed new life, investment, new business, repair, collaboration, added character...

Then Main Street Kent was established. Acorn Alley was built.
Fairmount Properties came on board. AMETEK. Davey Tree.
PARTA. Kent State University. Partnerships galore.

Here we are now. It's 2013. People are working together, from all sectors, to keep the momentum. Main Street Kent is committed to supporting downtown businesses for the years to come. We're proud to be part of this amazingly progressive community full of fantastic people. 8 pages of advertising
24 advertisers
8 pages of editorial content
15,000 magazines
5,000 inserts available at
local businesses
apartment communities
area hotels Promoting Kent Businesses
through Social Media Operations Committee Communicating the progress and programs of Main Street Kent to our residents and surrounding communities.

Growing the Friends of Main Street Kent Program. Communication Editorial Articles in the Record-Courier
Articles in the Tree City Bulletin
Blog Articles on Kent Patch The TREE CITY Bulletin Building Relationships
The Burbick Companies
The City of Kent
College Town Kent
Family & Community Services
The Davey Tree Expert Company
Kent State University
Record Publishing Company
Smithers-Oasis Business, Organizational, Private, Public... Just to name a few! Friends of Main Street Kent Small businesses donate $150 per year...
Non-profit organizations - $100
Individuals - $25

2011 - 24 Friends...

2012 - over 70 Friends!

THANK YOU to all of our great friends!

If 100 downtown businesses become Friends of Main Street Kent, that's $15,000 for us to work with! Talk to us about becoming a Friend of Main Street Kent if you are not yet. Design Committee Impacting downtown Kent through various beautification programs

Holiday Lights
Graffiti Clean-Up
Litter Clean-Up Holiday Lights! Adopt-A-Spot We work with volunteers to plant the Adopt-A-Spot flower beds, and hire the Veterans of Freedom Lawn Care to water and care for them all season long Graffiti Removal Volunteers of Main Street Kent have spent countless hours removing and covering graffiti in downtown Kent.
In 2012 alone, over 300 tags were removed. We gathered the troops and made it happen.

$50,000 went into the 2012 decorations, which were hung with care by the City of Kent and Davey Tree Expert Company. Buildings, Alleys, Utility Boxes, Road Signs - It's a Constant Battle Litter Clean-Up Starting in 2013, we're planning a city-wide clean-up day. Local businesses, service organizations and lots of great Kent people will work together to CLEAN UP! Saturday, April 27, 2013 We're also working with KSU student "mandatory volunteers" on weekend litter clean-up. Business
Committee Building mutually beneficial partnership in the community.

Providing businesses with training opportunities
Customer service
Web marketing
Cross-promotion 2013 Plans in the Works Sponsoring Music
Festivals & Concerts Kent Blues Fest Sheryl Crow, Los Lonely Boys & O.A.R. 1000's of Visitors to Kent
KSU Partnerships Family Friendly Halloween
Thursday Night Live Concerts
Small Business Saturday - Sweet Finds Contest International Festival
Chocolate Walk All year round, driving people downtown And many others...
Foot Traffic to Businesses 2330 Main Street Kent Board of Directors Larry Lohman, President
Nancy Whitehead, Vice President
Brian Bialik, Treasurer
Carolyn Raley, Secretary

Ron Burbick, The Burbick Companies
Mike Finley, Hall-Green Agency
Doug Fuller, Fuller Design Group
Iris Harvey, Kent State University
Tom Hatch, Kent Historical Society
Kevin Lewis, Portage Community Bank
Tim Nightengale, Wild Earth Outfitters
Pam Petrus, Diversa, Inc.
Michelle Sahr, Off the Wagon
Dan Smith, City of Kent
Sue Whiting, KRBA (Retired)
David Wright, Metis Construction Heather Malarcik
Executive Director THANK YOU for your time, expertise, willingness, diligence, and generosity! is having a 50% OFF sale on winter coats!

Thank you for partnering with us
on the Art & Wine Festival - June 1st!

Check out their new spring line! Be A Part of It!
April 9, 9:30am Cheers to another solid year
of growth and prosperity in Kent! Marketing: developing a campaign including broadcast, print, & web/social to reach surrounding markets

Design: working with building owners on mural project opportunities, improving the look and cleanliness of "the" alley and sidewalks, Clean Up Kent Day, wayfinding project

Business Enhancement: collaborating with businesses and organizations on various opportunities for growth

Operations: Website enhancements/links, doubling the Friends of Main Street Kent program Main Street Kent
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