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this is me

No description

Alisha Brell

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of this is me

This is me!
I am Alisha, 14 years old and always hungry.
my life
I am depressive since 2011.
I was in a clinic twice for 4 months.
I moved two times.
I changed school 3 times.
I was bullyed since I was in the daycare.
I started cutting when I was 12
my hobbys
everyone should take a chill pill
cycling, cooking, listen to music, drawing, swimming, chillin in my bed, painting with nailpolish on my phone and nails
some other things
some people say I am a really strong person because of the things I've done.
I am often bored (now).
I can only sleep when my door is closed and it is dark.
I changed with my parents the room because I had no WLAN in my room.
I love kitties!!! damn!!
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