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Atlanta Hawks

No description

Kim Sarrell

on 14 February 2018

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Transcript of Atlanta Hawks

Dominique Wilkins is one of the best scorers basketball has ever seen. He ended his career with 26,668 points in 1999. He played for 12 years.
Two Keepers
Both Julius Erving and Bob Petite are good players. Although, julius Erving has the best dunk on the Hawks, Bob petite is awesome at scoring.
Game Changer
Most people think that to be a good basketball player you have to be tall. Some of the best ball handlers were under 6 feet tall.
Losing Streak
The hawks kept losing to the Celtics in the playoffs. They had their worst season in 2000-01. Then, they drafted new young, energetic players. They later won the playoffs in 2009-10.
The Hawks started in St. Louis, Missouri then moved to Atlanta, Georgia. The Hawks' coach, Auerbach, moved from the Hawks to the Celtic to be their coach.
Atlanta Hawks Basketball
By Tyler Omoth

Need to Win
First, the hawks needed to find a strong center that could stay tough in the paint. Second, they needed to have a good guard that would make good plays and find a way to score. Third, they needed to combine these forces to win.
Need to Win
First, they needed a strong center. Next, they needed a point guard who knew how to make the plays. Later, they found the center that would help them win, Dikembe Mutumbo.
Since the Hawks had Cliff Hogan, they started winning games and became a better team. It still wasn't enough to win against the Celtics unfortunately.
Basketball Stereotype
Human Highlight Film
Dominique Wilkins
season 1982-1994
later coached the Hawks
recieved dunking trophy
one of the best dunkers
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