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Touching Spirit Bear Timeline

No description

Delaney Mosier

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Touching Spirit Bear Timeline

Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen: Timeline Peter turned Cole in for breaking in to the school. 3rd Cole beat Peter up. 2nd Cole is taken to the island. Here, he burns down his shelter and tries to swim away in the freezing water. After his failed attempt to escape, Cole sees the legendary Spirit Bear that he had been told about by an Indian elder. 4th Cole tries to attack the Spirit Bear and gets mauled. As he lays, near death, he makes surprising disoveries about himself and life. 5th Cole is saved and goes to the hospital. After a long time of recovering, Cole gets to leave the hospital. 6th Cole gets permission to go back to the island. He learns that he has to work hard to survive. He also learns the key to peace and overcoming his anger. 8th Peter, the boy who Cole beat up, is having problems and is trying to commit suicide. Cole suggests that Peter should come to the island. Peter and an Indian parole officer that helped Cole come to the island. There, Cole and Peter must learn to stop being enemies. 9th 10th 7th Delaney Mosier
Project #1 1st Cole hears about Circle Justice, a program focused on healing instead of punishment. He agrees to do Circle Justice, but only to avoid going to jail. Cole teaches Peter what he has learned on the island. They come to an understanding of each other and help each other heal. The End
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