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Patrimonio Natural

Actividades Turisticas

Pedro Astudillo

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Patrimonio Natural

Activities Analys & Characteristics
Geography Location
Charge Capacity Web Page
Travel Agencies Touristic Activities Cajas National Park General Information Description of Tourist Activities New Projects Historical Framework of Tourism Development Historical Background of Tourism Andean Condor Zoning Zone for the Touristic Activity Tourism Statistics Number of Visitors and Budget 2012 Touristic Promotion Tour Operators Developed Tourist Infrastructure CNP has six offices: Surocucho, Mazán, Llaviucu, Toreadora, Soldados and Cuenca Tour Guides The guides training began in 1992 57 Naturalistic Guides 14 operating 22 Principal Tour Operators Trekking Hiking Climbing Cycling Photography Camping Fishing Bird-Watching Touristic Zones Coordenates:
2° 50' 0'' S
79° 10' 0'' W Location Started in 1992 With 3 main activities Trekking Camping Following the Routes Re-introduction of camelids (alpacas) in the surronding communities. Rural Tourism Project Monitoring Birds Populations Mastofauna Monitoring of Forest in Llaviuco and Mazan Where we can do this activities: Nov. 5, 1996 Diagnostic, Management and Amphibians Rescue of PNC Riqueti, Margarita. Entrevista personal. 4 de enero de 2013.

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ETAPA. “Parque Nacional Cajas”.Internet.http://www.etapa.net.ec/Empresa/bib_emp_doc/AuditoriaInterna/2010/INFORME%20APROBADO%20CGE%20GESTION%20PARQUE%20NACIONAL%20CAJAS.pdf Acceso: 7 de enero de 2013

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“Informe de Manejo y Gestión Diciembre de 2011- Diciembre de 2012”. Memory flash. Cuenca, ETAPA, 2012 Bibliography:
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