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Pirates of New Orleans and Louisiana

No description

Kristina White

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Pirates of New Orleans and Louisiana

Pirates of New Orleans and Louisiana
The Only Pirate (worth Mentioning)
Out of all of the research we did. The only pirate of Louisiana and New Orleans that we could find was Jean Lafitte.
He didn't really consider himself a pirate, but more of a privateer or a gentleman.
He was a Frenchman who was loyal to the people of Louisiana.
The History of Jean Lafitte
No one really knows where he came from.
People assume that he grew up in a region where he needed to learn French, Spanish, English, and Italian.
There is no story of how he got here, but he sure wasn't going to leave.
He took refuge in New Orleans and smuggled needed items into this area for the people.
More on Lafitte
Lafitte wasn't actually wanted in the city so the governor offered either $300 or $500 for him. When Lafitte saw this he offered $1,000 for the governor.
There was also a time when the King of England offered land and citizenship to Lafitte if he joined their side.
Lafitte responded that he would give his answer inside of a week, but he turned right around and gave the letter to the governor.
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