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Atom Energy

No description

Christian Alfter

on 28 May 2011

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Transcript of Atom Energy

AtomicEnergy Nuclear fusion Atomic energy in general Nuclear fusion new way how to get energy

it’s inverse principle than fission reaction (today nuclear powerplants)

- no dangerous waste products
- a lot of cheap fuel

- you need a special magnetic bin (TOKAMAK)
- you need also a lot of energy

little problem:
it's not working yet Fusing two light atoms of hydrogen, getting one heavier atom of helium and a lot of energy. The same reaction runs in the Sun. Atomic energy in general Nuclear power plant is the production of electricity used to convert nuclear energy into electricity.

Nuclear power plant has :
steam turbine with alternator
nuclear reactor
many other operations
Atomic energy is HELPFUL,USEFUL but DANGEROUS TOKAMAK outside inside Pros and Cons of atom energy is reliable
is effective and more powerful
doesn´t cause acid rains
isn´t conected with production of greenhouse gases
isn´t depended of wheather or climatic changes
has small expense
low price
fuels which was used are still useful rubbish is still radioactive for a very long time and there isn´t any place in the world to store it
after explosion it´s very probably that it will atact on whole world
very high radioactivity
high investment expenses
estraction of uranium
countries which doesn´t have uranium are depended of inports to their countries so the price of energy in this country is higher cons pros Alternative energy solar energy water energy wind energy biomass March 2011 – Fukushima, Japan

Monday the 11th march of 2011
Big earthquake in Japan, calls „Tohuku“
Hours later, big tsunami, was born of the earthquake down the pacific
A lot of dead people and the nature became destroy
The Fukushima power plant became to destroy, too.
In Fuskushima are 6 reactor-blocks
In 3 of them, the core of the reactor became much to hot
It is not sure, that there has an core-flux already been
Company works together with the government
No Informations, about what happened
12th of march: Explosion in block number1
14th and 15th of march: New explosions in number 3 and 2
Outside of the blocks destroyed
Very difficult and dangerous situation there
The military is working there to keep the cool water into the blocks
They do it with helicopter and the seawater Results in europe contaminated food
Austria, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg want to get out of atomic energy immediately ( all these countries have not any nuclear power plants)
But France and Germany fight against this plan, because they think it is not possible to get out of atomic energy right away
Every country is discussing about the future of atomic energy in their country
For example in Germany the goverment decided to close the older nuclear power plants for 3 month , they did that, because they want to check the safety of these power plants The oldest nuclear power plant in Germany ( Biblis A) Discussion atomic energy is necessary
can be used to get off earlier than the pruducers said
atomic energy is too dangerous
nuclear energy is good as long as nothing changes in the EU
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